Saturday, September 29, 2012

8 weeks old

Hello all.  Julia is 8 weeks old today.  But more importantly, look at me do the splits!

So I'm supposed to lift my head or something?  I think I'd rather just lay down here.

Mommy and Grandma keep having me pose with these big flowers.  It was another hand-me-down. I wonder if I'll ever wear them outside the house.

 Before we went to Zach's birthday party, I saw a firetruck!  How cool is this??

I'm getting so much more coordinated nowadays.  Here I am climbing on chains.

And another picture of me sliding down a tunnel. I had a lot of fun.

Uncle Phil tried to take a picture of all the kids that were there.  Apparently, I'm the only one not listening nor sitting down.

I was exhausted after playing so hard.  Mommy had to take another picture of me sleeping.

Mommy has been trying to get a picture of me smiling while looking at the camera.  She's glad that Auntie Nat got these.  Don't I look cute?  Grandma says I look more like a girl when I wear girlier outfits.

Well, this was Mommy's last week of maternity leave.  She's been really bummed about having to return to work and leaving me at home.  It's ok, Mommy.  Elliot tells me that Grandma is really cool and really loves us so I'll be well taken care of.  Sorry this post is so short!

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