Sunday, November 28, 2010

10 Month Birthday! November 22nd-28th

This week is super special. I'm 10 months old now, Daddy came back from his business trip, AND it's my first Thanksgiving!  I don't know if I can handle all the excitement!

Here I am with my 10 month old pics.

I like this paper.

This is a cool toy.  I like it a lot.  But look at what grandma did to my hair.  I look like a girl!

I also understand the word "jump".

I found a new way to play with this toy.  Mommy was thinking about putting it away until she saw me spinning this while sitting up.

Like my ducky pajamas?

I do a lot of multi-tasking nowadays...holding on while getting a toy.

I'm also learning to move around this toy better.  Earlier I was only able to stand in one spot.

Great Uncle Paul's family was in town for Thanksgiving.  He found a new way to play with me.  I think he was getting a serious leg workout.

We don't have any pictures of me and the turkey, but I will say, yum yum.  Mommy made some potato, turkey, and cranberry mash for me.  Deeelicious!

Sporting a new shirt Mommy found in my dresser.  They had to document me in it before I grow out of it.

I'm chilling and enjoying my ride in the shopping cart.

Peek-a-boo, Mommy!

I like books!

My parents took me to a bookstore.  Soo cool!
What a cool week.  Mommy had 5 days off with me, and Daddy had 4 days.  It was very special.  Too bad they have to go back to work next week.  Until next time!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 43 November 15th-21st

Another relatively quiet week.  The most important was that Daddy left for China on Thursday so I didn't get to spend time with him for a few days!  I miss him!  He won't be back until Tuesday night, whenever that is. He did request that we send him a daily picture of us, so here are a couple of examples.

Mommy did fine taking care of me though...she's an old pro.  She kept us busy by running errands and meeting other people.  On Saturday, Uncle Eddy did a surprise drop by.  Auntie Grace was out with her friends having dinner, and Uncle Eddy needed to kill some time with the baby, so he decided to come over. 

Neither of us were looking at the camera, but Lucas is getting bigger.  I didn't hit him this time.

It's getting cold out so Mommy is dressing me a bit warmer.  Like my overalls?  It was a gift from one of Mommy's coworkers.

I'm more mobile now.  Mommy has to watch me more carefully to make sure I don't crack my head on our hard hardwood floors.  Why don't we have carpet?

I have a cape!  This was after a nap and Mommy didn't want me to catch a cold since I just woke up and the rest of the house was a bit chilly.

On Sunday, Auntie Joanne came by with her son Colman.  Auntie Joanne is one of the 4th grade teachers at one of Mommy's schools.  Colman is a tiny little guy, only 7 weeks old! though he looks pretty bulky here.

 Can you believe I used to be that small too?

As I mentioned, it was a quiet week.  Just a couple more days (Mommy says) until Daddy comes back.  I can't wait to see him!  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 42 November 8th-14th

Another week in the books.  A note about my Quasimoto crawling...Mommy noticed that my head is actually more than just big, it's holding a smart brain in there.  When I'm at Grandma and Grandpa's house, I "crawl" using my head.  Hey, it's carpeted so it's soft.  When I'm at home though, I don't rest/drag my head on the floor at all.  I guess I've fallen enough to learn and remember that our hardwood floors at home HURT!  Here's a video of me crawling at home.

Here I am totally relaxing with Daddy after my morning bottle.

Now that I'm more mobile, I get into more things.  Hmm...I can't decide what I'm going to play with.

I recovered rather well from that busy weekend.  My parents were surprised that I slept well, even with the time change. That didn't last long though.  For some reason, I've been waking up crying in the middle of the night the last two nights.  Daddy thinks I may be teething again, though I won't let my parents check my mouth.

I have an oatmeal mustache.  

We had our monthly get-together on Saturday.  I got to play with Zach!  He's such a great guy...sharing with me and hugging me.

Mommy was making me laugh here so Auntie Rita took some pictures.

What are YOU looking at?

Here I am about to crawl.

Daddy wanted to take a picture of our feet.  I can't believe how small my foot is compared to his!

This was my first time in the shopping cart and it was a lot of fun!

As a result of our shopping trip, we got some big bins.  Check me out!

Although this week was much quieter than the last one, we still were able to see some friends.  I like it mellow.  Hopefully I'll be sleeping better these next few nights.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 41 November 1st-7th

I had my 9 month check-up this week.  I am just shy of 20 lbs (19lbs, 15oz--50th percentile), 29" tall (75th), and my head circumference is 48.25 cm, which is off the growth chart curve.  In order to be on the 97th percentile, my head needed to be that explains why I can't yet crawl.  My head is too heavy.  Speaking of which, here is a short video of my 'Quasimoto crawl'.  When I get tired, I use my head to help me move.

The tied for second important thing this week was that I went down to LA to see my cousin Alyssa for her red egg and ginger party, AND it's my Uncle Mike's birthday!

I also went on my first plane ride!!!  It was fun!  Here I am in the security bin.  Both the TSA security people as well as the passengers behind me were oohing and aahing at me, and told my parents to take a picture of me.

 Grandma and Grandpa have been teaching me a new trick.  I'm slowly getting it.

Great Auntie Susanna bought me this cool toy!  She was so excited for me to try, Daddy had to open it and set it up right away.  I'm not sure what to do with it yet.  Mommy put me on this, but I don't know how to move on it yet.

Great Uncle Allan and Great Auntie Kaman came from Hong Kong for the red egg dinner.  They haven't seen me in a few months.

In the afternoon, I took a nap.  It lasted maybe an hour.  I guess it's because of my position.  When Mommy came in to check on me, she saw me like this.  She leaned forward to make sure I was still breathing, then went out to get her camera.  At least she has her priorities straight.  It's blurry because she didn't want to use her flash.

We also went to Joann's to get some ribbon.  Look where Daddy found me!  Well actually, Daddy put me in this, in case you didn't know.

It was a rowdy couple of nights.  I slept waay past my bedtime both Friday and Saturday nights...Friday because we arrived late, and Saturday because of the party.

I had a lot of fun with all my uncles and aunties.  Here I am with Great Uncle Jeffrey and Great Auntie Annie.  I didn't get a picture with them last time I saw them. Great Uncle Jeffrey is Grandpa's brother.

Here I am with Great Auntie Susanna and the elusive Great Uncle Richard.

And me with the guest of honor.  You'd think with all these pictures of me and family that this dinner was about me.  Little does Alyssa know, it IS all about me.  I am the first grandchild after all.  Sorry Alyssa!

Of course, Mommy had to hold Alyssa, so here's a picture of them two.

But back to me...
The birthday boy Uncle Mike and me.  I always hear his voice on the phone.  Now that I'm bigger, I will try to remember the face.

You can't tell, but I was playing with Uncle Eric. Every time he tilted his head, I'd do it too. Some times I'd even yell out loud so that he would play with me again. 

Here are Uncle Dan, Auntie Katie, and Auntie Laura in the background...Auntie Katie is Auntie Jen's (Alyssa's mommy) sister.  I had a ball with them.  Auntie Katie found my tickle spot so I was just laughing up a storm with them.

Auntie April and Uncle Tim (Auntie Jen's brother) were also playing with me.  I had my second wind with them.

When we returned from the dinner, Daddy wanted to slow things down a bit for me.  I think Mommy and Daddy better get ready for some piano lessons.

 I had a really hard time falling asleep that night. I played so much and had so much fun, I couldn't calm down.  It was nearly 11p when I finally slept!
On Sunday, I got a picture with Uncle Calvin before we left.

And finally, back in the bin for me.  They almost put me through the machine!!!  Just kidding.

Man, I don't know if I can top this past week.  It was all very exciting.  I did well on the plane ride down, and just ok on the plane ride up. It might be good to have a calm week though.  Mommy hopes that with the time change and the crazy weekend, I will be able to get back to my normal sleep schedule. We'll see.