Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Month Birthday! July 19th-25th

This week marks my 6 month birthday!  My folks can't believe I'm six months old already.  How quickly time flies.  Mommy continually thinks about what I looked like when I was first born and compares it to now, and wow, what a difference!  I think I get cuter the older I get, if I do say so myself.

I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house one day to visit.  It was a whole new world to me.  I didn't recognize it so I kept looking around.  Grandma got me this toy.  It bangs the drum and walks.  It's pretty interesting.

Oops!  I pushed it over.

Don't I look like a big boy?

I know I mentioned this before, but some times I move around in my crib.  Mommy and Daddy aren't sure if I move around in my sleep and wake up like this, or if I move around once I'm awake.  I won't tell them.  But it sure is getting cramped in here.

It's important to learn how to multi-task.

My Uncle Jonathan bought me this monkey.  As with all stuffed animals, I like putting it in my mouth.

Look at me!

I'm getting more time in the bumbo seat since Mommy is introducing all kinds of different solid foods to me.  I don't mind it so much now since I know I'm going to get some yumminess.

Here I am practicing my fob squat in the chair while eating oatmeal and avocado (not mixed together).  I wouldn't open my mouth for Daddy since he had the oatmeal, but I was more than willing to open my mouth for Mommy (she had the avocado).  My parents found out that I REALLY like avocado.

Another bath time and Daddy is once again styling my hair.  I'm definitely filling into this tub.

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for Genevieve.  She turned one year old and she got this HUGE slide in the backyard for kids to play in.  Both Daddy and I wanted to join in, but perhaps another day, when I'm bigger.

As I mentioned before, six months went by fast.  Looking forward to learning new things!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 25 July 12th-18th

This was a week of visitors for me.  They're all repeat visitors, but it's fun to see them nonetheless.

 I met up with Grandma and Auntie Naomi for lunch one day.  I'm having a conversation with Auntie Naomi.  I don't remember what we were talking about though.

Mommy has been trying to give me more tummy time practice.  Some times I'm ok with it.  Other times...

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit on Tuesday.  Check out my bling!  Well, it's actually Grandma's but how cool is that?  Can you see it?

This is one of my favorite things to do with Mommy and Daddy.  I was showing off to my grandparents though.  They were SO surprised that I would pay attention to a book!

By the way, that book's rhyme was a lifesaver for Mommy when we were on our way down to LA.  When I started getting fussy, Mommy recited it to me and I immediately quieted down.  It was like night and day.  It only worked a bit on the way back home, but it was still something to see.  Imagine me crying my eyes out only to quiet down instantly and stare at Mommy when she started the rhyme.

Mommy likes this time with me...right after I feed and when I need to burp or poop is when I'm the quietest and when I'm not squirming around.

Auntie Jan and Auntie Kristine came to visit me on separate days.  It's been a while since either of them held me.

Funny enough, when I saw each of them, I smiled and didn't cry.  Maybe I recognized them from a while back.  Lately I've been crying when I see strangers looking at me.  I feel bad...some times I even cry when I see Grandma looking at me (at least in the beginning).

I'm having fun here on Auntie Kristine's legs.

I had another play date with Alex this week, except I don't have a picture with him.  Our naps don't coincide, so it's hard for our Mommies to get us together.  When I'm asleep, he's awake, and when I'm awake, he's asleep.  I DO have a picture with Auntie Monnette playing with me while Alex was getting a bath.  She says I'm chubby and she was trying to tickle me.  I didn't grace her with my laugh though.

We all went over to Auntie Melissa's house on Saturday.  I got to hang out with Zach.  It was a brand new environment for me, so I was busy looking around.  Auntie Melissa was reintroducing me to Zach.

He's very friendly.  He's holding my hand.

Auntie wanted to show me a volleyball.  Mommy was excited because she doesn't have one my size to let me play with.  Zach's trying to give me pointers here, but I was too busy focusing on the ball.

I guess I need some gel in my hair.

I wasn't able to fall asleep at Auntie Melissa's place, so Mommy and Daddy had to take me home.  It was fun though overall.  I'm soo lucky to be able to see all these people!  Until next time.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 24 July 5th-July 11th

This week I took the time to recuperate from a very busy weekend.  Well, I was fine.  Let's say Mommy had to recuperate from that drive up.

We were a little late in taking my 5 month old picture, but here I am anyway at 5.5 months.

I DO love my toes.  I'm so flexible, I can practically stick them up my nose!

On Tuesday, Mommy introduced me to some sweet potatoes.  I wasn't sure I liked it, but I ate it anyway.  By Thursday, I was grabbing at the spoon trying to shove it in my mouth.  I got mad when Mommy pulled it away since I was getting sweet potatoes all over my face.  Hey!  It's yummy!  Don't take my food away.

I had another play date with Alex, although it was short-lived. We didn't even play together!  Alex was too busy crawling around after Rocky's chew toys.  I got bored waiting for him to notice me (hey! I'm not mobile yet!) so I decided to get cranky and sleepy instead.  Hopefully next week will be better.  I'm getting better at my tripod sitting though.  I'm more stable now, though I do still fall over.

On Saturday, Mommy went to Auntie Jen's baby shower so Daddy took care of me all by himself for a few hours. I only napped for over an hour for each nap, but I guess that's better than nothing.

Here I am on my swing.  I'm getting so big, soon I'm not going to be able to play on it anymore.  What bad timing, really, since I'm just now beginning to like it.

Here's picture of me happy (and droolly).

As I mentioned, it was a rather quiet week.  Here are some pictures of me for you to admire and enjoy.

My favorite picture...wazzzzzzzzuuuuuuuppppppppppp??

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 23 June 28th-July 4/5th

Sorry for the late post.

This week was a flurry of activities and meeting people.  But first, look at what I'm doing.  Well, I'm kind of sitting on my own, but as Auntie Monnette calls it, I'm folding into a taco because I don't have enough trunk support yet.  But I did have fun doing this.  Mommy has a video where I'm sitting up like this for a little while, only to fall sideways onto my face.  My folks thought it was funny...and it seems that I did too.

This week marked my first Independence Day.  We drove down to southern California to visit Mommy and Daddy's families.  Mommy was apprehensive about the drive down, since I don't like being in my car seat for extended periods of time.  Our drive down to Camarillo (where Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen live) on Thursday night was overall good.  I took my two naps and I didn't really get too upset in the car.  Mommy reports that I did rather well, considering it was the first road trip I've taken.

Most of the pictures that follow are pictures I took with family who has either never met me before, or have seen me once when I was really young.

Our first stop after seeing Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen was to visit Great Uncle Kai.  He's my Grandpa Lam's best friend.  I never met Grandpa Lam, but Great Uncle Kai is always asking after Daddy to make sure he's doing ok.  He's family.

He was so happy to meet me.  He was very excited. I figured I'd give him a really good grin.  When I smile this way, Daddy thinks I look like Grandpa Lam.

The next day we had dim sum with some more of Daddy's relatives.  Here's a picture of Great Uncle James and Great Auntie Cindy.  They didn't meet me when I had my two month dinner because Great Uncle James was sick.  I'm glad he's feeling better now.

We met up with Great Uncle Sing Bak (the guy on the left) and his wife and son.

The next day was July 4th.  We had pancakes (well, Mommy and Daddy had pancakes.  I just sat in my car seat) with Daddy's cousins.  From left to right, Auntie Kelly, Dad, me (duh), Auntie Beatrice, and Uncle Quinn.

Auntie Beatrice LOVED my pudgy legs.  She took a picture of just my legs and my feet.

Mommy's relatives had a barbecue.  Here is a picture of me and Great Auntie Susanna.  She's Grandma's youngest sister.

Here's a  picture with Great Auntie Lin.  She's a family friend, but Mommy has known her for years.

Finally, a picture with my Uncle Jonathan and his mom, Great Auntie Susanna again.  Uncle Jonathan is the one I mentioned in my last post where Mommy thinks I look like him when I was wrapped in a towel.

Oh!  Here is a picture with my Auntie Jen.  You can see Uncle Mike in the background.  Auntie Jen is getting huge.  She's got my future cousin in her tummy.

I think I did pretty well overall.  I met lots of new people and I didn't get too anxious meeting them.  In fact, I held it together all weekend and smiled at everyone (even strangers!) until the end of the night, when there were so many people wanting to meet me. I couldn't really handle all the stimulation and my folks had to put me to bed earlier.  Oh well.  Sorry.  Props to Uncle Eric, Great Uncle Richard, Uncles Jeffrey and William, Great Auntie Annie and Great Uncle Jeffrey.  I didn't get to take pictures with any of them.

Just some final silly shots.  I look like I'm jumping!  Talk about AIR!


The trip back home on Monday was a bit rough for all of us.  I only took one nap and boy, was I cranky.  I'll admit it.  I was fussing like no tomorrow.  We had to stop quite a few times just so that I would stop screaming.  Mommy was tired and worn out from trying to entertain me with books, rhymes, toys, etc.  She ended up getting carsick and she told Daddy that they needed to switch roles and SHE had to drive.  Sorry Mommy!  Hopefully I'll be better next time.