Sunday, September 25, 2011

20 Months Birthday!

Mommy forgot to post this last month, but we had our monthly get-together, with some added friends.  Look at all the kids in this picture!  Mommy mentioned that their get-togethers are so different now with all the kids.  I say, it's just better now that we're in the picture.  :)  We also had one just yesterday at Auntie Rita and Uncle Jim's place, but we have no pictures of that.

At the end of August, our neighborhood had an annual block party.  Here I am with Daddy.
I LOVE being tickled by him.

Daddy says I'm getting practice on a neighbor's yard and that I can help him mow the lawn soon.

I'm getting SQUISHED here!

Mommy took me swimming at her coworker's place.  We don't have a picture of that, but we do have one of me crying my eyes out while sitting next to her daughter, Leilani.  Sorry Leilani, I'll be better next time.  I was super hungry and Mommy didn't have any food for me.  Shame on you, Mommy.

 This is me playing with a bowling set I have.  It's a lot of fun and I'm getting really good.

One day Daddy took me to the Palo Alto Junior Zoo and Museum while Mommy was out.  I had a play date with Genevieve.

What's in here?

We OWN this place.

I like riding on this big cat.

Nice bunny.
On Grandma and Grandpa's 41st anniversary, we had dinner with some friends.  Here I am with Olivia, and then her brother Ryan.  Her brother, apparently, was the ring bearer in Mommy and Daddy's wedding.  I like giving hugs.

Last weekend, we went to see my cousin Alyssa.  It was her birthday and baptism celebration.
Here I am with Grand Uncle Jeffrey.

Mommy was giving me goldfish to keep me quiet during the baptismal ceremony.  It didn't really work because I would still say "cracker cracker cracker" in between eating crackers.  I have two in my hands here.
That night we had dinner with Alyssa's other aunts and uncles.  Here I am dancing next to Shea, Alyssa's other cousin.

Here I am with Uncle Michael. I really like him.  I frequently ran up to him to give him a hug.

Uncle Calvin was there too!

Did I mention I like giving hugs?

Here's me and Alyssa.

Here's one of all of us.

 On the way home, Daddy put some stickers on me.

It was so hot that Mommy decided to let me walk around without pants on.

Another day, walking to the park.  Like my cap?

Mommy and Daddy thinks I look like a big boy here.  Must be the outfit.

Yum! Eating a cracker.

Finally, a picture of me playing with the big bunny.  It's not as big as it used to be.
Me at ~ 20 months old

Me at 1 week old
 Until next time!