Sunday, June 17, 2012

29 months birthday and visitors, oh my!

Happy 29  months to me!  Get ready for lots of pictures!

Mommy forgot to post this picture last month, but when we were at Meagan's house, I was all about playing with her car.  I'm leaving Lucas in the dust right now.

My parents took me to the Magic Mountain Playground one weekend.  I love the slides.

Here I am hiding in a dinosaur egg.  Peek-a-boo.

 We had a lot of visitors this month.  Great Auntie Annie and Great Uncle Jeffrey came to visit.  I hadn't seen them in a while, but after a little while, I warmed up to them.

 And yes, I'm smiling like this again.

Another weekend we went to see baby Milo and Auntie Kristine.  I haven't seen a baby that small in a long time, since we visited Alyssa when she was tiny.

Great Uncle Paul and Great Auntie Leona were here for a visit too.

That same weekend, we saw Uncle John. I still think he's funny.  I showed him my cool red jeep.  He was impressed.

Snuggle time with Mommy!

I was introduced to bubble wrap by Daddy.  It was loads of fun!

Me being silly with my silly smile.

I LOVE playing with my tunnel, and Daddy and I found a new way to play with it.
Uncle Chris and Uncle Tawn came to visit again.  I saw them last month when they first came from Thailand but didn't get pictures with them.  They wanted to see me again (what can I say??? I am famous) before they return to Thailand.

Mommy and Daddy took me to the park by our house one weekend.  The neighborhood kids were nice and let me play with their football.  I really liked it.  I didn't want to let it go, even when I went on the swings.

Mommy is finally off of work!  I'll be spending more time with her (hence, all the great pictures), though I'll also (apparently) still be going to daycare too.  But her first day off, we went to see Alex!  He has a new baby brother Aidan, though I was more interested in Alex and his toys.
 Me with my smile again.
Me relaxing at a restaurant with my new haircut.


Daddy and I are a bit engrossed by what was on TV.
Oh oh! Naked Baby falling into a crack!  By the way, the sticker on my forehead was because I pooped in the potty at school.  My teacher gave it to me.

Here's a picture of me walking Rocky.  I think it's the only one we have of the two of us.
Mommy took me to CuriOdyssey one Friday.  I had a chance meeting with a new friend named Kieran.  Apparently, my mommy and his mommy were in Auntie Rita's wedding together back before I was born.  They haven't seen each other since then.

 I think this might be too big for me.

It was super hot Father's Day weekend, so my parents let me play with the water table.  I love playing with that.

Speaking of Father's Day, people are saying that I'm looking more and more like Daddy.  I really don't see the resemblance.  Do you?

Grandma and Mommy took me to San Francisco on a Monday.  What was special about that was that it was my first BART ride.  I was SO excited about that.

And apparently in San Francisco, there are these things called cable cars, and I got to take pictures in one of them.

Another day, Mommy gave me a tortilla to eat.  Like how I eat it?

Ooh!  A bin to play in!

Some times I just wanna snuggle with Mommy...even if my head is smushing hers.

It was Grandpa's birthday on Sunday.  Happy birthday, Grandpa!  I helped him blow out the candles.

 This month has been full of visitors and activities.  It was very eventful.  As a closing comment, I wanted to let you know that Rocky is no longer with us.  Mommy said he went to a place called doggy heaven.  I'm not sure I understand it, since I do call out for him still once in a while.  But here's a picture of him (from Auntie Rita) before I met him.  He was a great dog.  We will miss him.