Sunday, September 2, 2012

4 Weeks Old and 31 months birthday!

I'm four weeks old already!  Can you believe how quickly time is flying?  As promised, there should be more pictures of me this post.

Here I am with Elliot's old bouncy chair.  I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but I'm more willing to sit in it now than I was earlier.

 Mommy made me do tummy time.  I could only lift my head to the middle, after some effort, but then I get stuck so Mommy has to help me turn my head back.

 I was kind of smiling at this new experience, before I realized it was WORK!

Mommy thought it would be important to get some closer-up pictures of me.  My skin tone is like Mommy's, kind of dark, as compared to Elliot when he was my age.

Auntie Nathalie is helping me show off my new outfit!  It's the first outfit I have!  Auntie Colleen and Uncle Eric bought it for me.  The pants are a little big on me, but I'm more able to fit it now than I was able to even last week.  Maybe it shrunk in the wash (or maybe I'm just getting a little tubby).

 Look what  my parents made?  Imprints of my feet and hand.  Apparently, though, it took them about five tries to get my feet right.

Oh FINALLY, a picture of little ole' me.  But I'm happy here playing with my loader.

Grandma put me on Daddy's office chair and I was rather least for a short time.

 This is what happens after I throw up.  Grandma put tissue paper around my neck because my clothes got wet, and then the tissue got stuck in my mouth.  Grandma thought it was a funny picture and told Mommy to take it.

 This is me as I'm coming home from daycare.  I liked the music that was being played so I'm playing the guitar right here (my fingers are playing against each other like I'm holding a pick).


Ah, snooze-dom...not really.  Mommy was trying to get me to burp.  I have serious problems with that.  I'd eat, swallow too much air because I'm drinking too fast, then stop feeding so I can scream my discontent with the air bubbles in my tummy.  Mommy says it makes feeding me rather difficult.

Daddy made a comment last week about my new found favorite place to sleep.  It's the swing!  It's definitely not as good as sleeping on Mommy, but I figured I'd give my parents a break once in a while and sleep in the swing so they can get some things done around the house.

Mommy forgot to mention that I am now 31 months old in the previous post.  Here I am showing Julia some of my favorite videos.

Here's a picture of me and Daddy!  I'm so awake!

I like being silly with my milk mustache as well as my fruit bowl.

We hope you enjoyed this week's posting!  Sorry it's a little late.  Mommy and Daddy went to dinner for their 5th anniversary, and we aren't allowed to use the computer without them.

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  1. Yes, almost an after thought, but Mommy and Daddy actually spent some alone time on a 'date' for our 5th anniversary. Long overdue, but we couldn't seem to stop talking about you and Elliot most of the evening...

    I don't want to blink as you are both growing up so fast!!