Sunday, September 23, 2012

7 weeks old and mostly pictures of me!

I'm 7 weeks old and of course, I had some visitors come to see me.  First off though, we went to Auntie Jenne's new house and that's the first time a lot of people saw me.  But here I am with Daddy.

Then a picture with Uncle Lou.  Look how big his hands are!!!

 During the week, Auntie Carole came by to visit.  She bought me some clothes too!  Thanks, Auntie!

 When Mommy puts a blanket on me, it starts off low at my waist.  But after some kicking and moving around, I end up getting nearly covered by it.

 Mommy was trying to get a picture of me smiling, but I just wouldn't look at the camera.  Hey!  That thing is bright when you take a picture!

 Some times I multi-task and stretch and smile at the same time.

 Auntie Jun also came to visit me.  She has a new baby too, though she's older than me by a few months.

 Here I am with baby Serena.  She's four months older than me, and so much bigger too!  Mommy said that she'll be my middle hitter.  I don't know what that means though.

 Remember this?  Apparently this is Elliot's toy.  I'm so entranced by what I see.

Can you see me?  I'm hugging the giraffe in the back.  I haven't seen this toy in a while, so I wanted to play with it too.

 I got to eat ice cream again.  Mommy liked my chocolate mustache.
As a big brother, I'm going to have to warn Julia that this upcoming week is Mommy's last week of maternity leave and she has to go back to work.  Like for me, Mommy was sad to go back to work and missed me  a lot.  Grandma will be taking care of Julia like she took care of me, but I'll help Julia not to miss Mommy too much.  What do you mean Mommy goes back to work????

Sorry the post is a day late.  Mommy had a mishap with her pump breaking in the middle of the night, so she had to deal with that issue first before letting us use the computer.


  1. Julia, You are growing too fast. 7 weeks! My word! Elliot, you will be a big help with Grandma. I bet you keep Julia really busy playing so neither of you miss Mommy too much. Have fun.

  2. Yes, time just whizzes by with you and Elliot! We are so lucky to have you in our lives and we make a great family!

  3. Julia, you are growing up so fast. And, Elliot, you are being such a good big brother. I miss you two, but I hope to see you in over a week. Your Uncle Mike may have a day off and be able to come and see you two. I'll let your mommy know when that happens. Just make sure you tell your mommy that if Uncle Mike is free, then you want to see him. Ok, love you lots.