Wednesday, October 26, 2011

21 Months Birthday!

Happy 21 months birthday to me!  Time is flying by and lots of things are happening.  Get ready for a lot of pictures!!

One weekend we went to have lunch with my grandparents and this was what was in the parking lot.  We HAD to get a picture of this.  It's hard for you to see me, but I was clapping my hands and making truck noises.

We went to Zach's third birthday party at the beginning of the month.  There were lots of cool things at the park.  Daddy took lots of pictures of me.  Here I am sitting on a pretend train.

I had fun playing in that.

Here I am going down a longer slide.  I'm getting really good at this.

Here I am with Daddy, Uncle Lou, Auntie Rebekah, Braeden and Evan waiting for my first ever steam engine train ride! 

I really didn't know what to expect, but I sure did like it.

See how excited I am? It was a fun day.

Oops!  They caught me trying on Daddy's shoes here.

Another weekend we went to see Auntie Tara and Auntie Chelsea's new house.  Here I am with Auntie Tara.

I like playing with their toys.

They have a play structure outside too. Peek-a-boo!

Mommy's giving me some love here.

And I'm returning the favor.

The next weekend was Mommy's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mommy!  I'm not sure I'm understanding this cake and candle business.
Grandma and Grandpa were there too!

I'm getting really good at sharing my toys with Megan.

Did I mention I like cars?  This may not be a car, but I pretended that it was and tried to roll it on the armrest.

Mommy wanted a picture of us together on her birthday.  Isn't this a nice picture?

But first, we had many of these kinds of pictures.

The next day, we went to the best thing ever...The PUMPKIN PATCH!!!  I've never been to one before, but I had a great time!

Like my costume?  Mommy and Daddy thought it was fitting since I was born in the year of the Ox.  Cow, Ox, close enough.

Here I am with Mommy, then with Auntie Nathalie, and then my parents.

Ooh, I like playing with bubbles!

I really enjoyed this coin operated train ride!

Of course, we did go on a train ride too.

And you know how much I love wheels.

I even got to pet some goats.

The best thing though, was the PONY RIDE!!!  I didn't know I could ride on animals!  I was so excited.  Mommy and Daddy thought the whole trip was worth it just seeing my reaction.

Did I mention I WAS SOO EXCITED???

I got to ride on the pony twice too!  It was really really cool.  They also had a jumpy house!  I had fun in that.

After that, we went across the street to another pumpkin patch and took some more pictures.

Wow!  What a big pumpkin!

I started patting Daddy's head when we walked back to our car.  

Finally, we went to Repetto's to buy some pumpkins.  Can you see me?

There were a lot of pumpkins.

I wanted to help my parents out.
I got a little tired from the hard work so I tried to sit down.

Toward the end of the trip, Daddy decided to wheel me back to the car. 

Whew!  What a weekend and what a month!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I'm going to experience my second Halloween pretty soon!  I hope it'll be fun!