Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Years old and 25 weeks!

 Happy 3rd birthday to me!!!  Here I am at daycare with a birthday hat!  I don't like the band under my chin so my teacher put it behind my head.  I moved the hat around some, and this is the result.

I moved it around some more.  My classmates were all giggling at my antics.

I'm so silly.
This is Ms. Telesha, my teacher.
And of course, Mommy.  Mommy made me some yummy cupcakes to share with my friends.  I couldn't be bothered to look at the camera when I have chocolate in my mouth.  Yum!

Before we make this post all about Elliot, let me insert myself here.  I'm 25 weeks now and Mommy introduced me to baby oatmeal!  Here I am in the Bumbo chair getting ready to eat, though I didn't know it.
And after...yum.  I took to oatmeal really well.  Sorry about the mess on my face.  You can't expect me to be clean.  I'm just learning how to eat! I wasn't too happy that I had no more to eat.

 Back to me...the night of my birthday, we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.  For you loyal followers, you'll remember that I went there last year too.  Here I am eating pizza the right way.  I started off eating it backwards, but Daddy taught me how to do it correctly.

Look!  A family portrait!

 I got to eat cheesecake.  Yummy.  Even though it LOOKS like it, I didn't eat this all by myself.  We all shared.

 I DID try to claim it all as mine by licking the chocolate off the plate.  What are you doing, Elliot??

Check out my moves!  I was getting antsy at the end of the night so here I was.

 The next day we had my birthday party.  Mommy and Daddy rented me a jumpy house and I had a blast!  My buddy Alex and I had a lot of fun.  There were lots of other kids there too!

 Do you like my cake?  Mommy made it.  It was her first cake ever and it was yummy.  Auntie Nat decorated the top, since Mommy had to run out to get the food.  Cool, huh?

 When am I going to have some cake???  Not fair!  Pretty soon, Julia.

 Figures this post will be more about Elliot than me.  That's ok.  It IS his birthday after all.  I hope you all enjoyed the post.  Here's a picture of me during tummy time, yet again.  Sigh.
 Thanks to all the friends and family who came to celebrate!  It was a lot of fun.  Thank you for all the presents too!  Until next week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

24 Weeks!

I'm 24 weeks old now.  How do you like Daddy doing my hair?  In case you can't see them, the hair clips have strawberries on them.  I can't wait to try some.  Elliot tells me they are delicious!

I'm drooling quite a bit nowadays.  I wonder if I'm getting teeth.

Speaking of hairdos, Grandma had her try at it on another day.


Look at my new trick!  I'm still not totally stable yet, but I am better than before.  Mommy does have to help me prop myself up.

 Mommy thinks it's funny that I "go to town" on my left big toe.  For some reason, that foot is easier for me to catch hold of.
 Like my sweater?  Mommy just finished making it for me.  It was supposed to be a 12-18 month size, but it's kind of tight on me now.  Of course, I'm wearing my fleece pajamas under it, which is a little bulky.  Daddy told her that it looked small so she put it on me.  Hopefully I get some use out of it before I grow out of it.  It's pretty though.  Thanks, Mommy.

Since I'm not stable yet sitting on my own, this is what happened soon after Mommy took that first picture.

Some times I hold on to my toys, even when I sleep.
Mommy forgot to post this a while back, but as I mentioned before with my drooling, I think I may be getting teeth soon. I like to bite Mommy's chin.

Oooh!!!  My first video!  About time!

Here's another one of me laughing.  Grandma was making me crack up.

It appears this post is all about me, as it should be.  Sorry, week you'll have pictures.
I hope you enjoyed my post this week.  See you soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

23 weeks and low key week

 It was a low key week for us, which was nice because we all had to readjust from all the partying from the week before.  Here are some pictures of us from last week that we got from other people's cameras.  

Mommy really likes this picture of Uncle Mike and me.

 Here's another one of all three of us.

 Before that last day, Great Uncle Allen came to our hotel room and took pictures of me. 

 I think  I was by the fan here, which is why my hair is all over the place.

 Some more pictures of me all dressed up in my tuxedo for the wedding.  Here I am posing.

Where did my hand go?

Great Uncle Allen first introduced me to riding the horse.  Now that I'm bigger, it takes a lot more energy for him to do it.

Enough pictures of Elliot, here's one of me back at home.  I'm 23 weeks old now too!

Like my lashes?  Mommy was able to get a close up of them.  They're not as long as Elliot's yet, but they're getting there.

 Uncle Mike was in town again.  He was visiting San Francisco as part of his job as a Blue Angel.  Like my hat?  Auntie Nat bought this for me.  It's like a Mickey Mouse hat but prettier.
 I HATE doing tummy time.  But at least Elliot keeps me company some times.  I was crying here, so he came down and was giving me a hug.  What a great big brother.

 As mentioned before, it was a slow week.  Maybe we'll have more pictures next time.  See you then!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year, 5 months and wedding!

 Happy New Year everybody!  It was a very busy week.  Get ready for a load of pictures!

On New Year's Eve, my parents took us to Curiodyssey.  I've been asking to go for a while now, so we went.  Yay!  I had a blast with the sea otters.  They made me laugh a lot.

 I also got to push Julia around in the stroller.  What you don't see is what happened next, where I fell and took the stroller down with me.  Good thing Mommy strapped Julia in or else we'd both be hurt.  I better be more careful.

 We drove down to LA on Daddy's birthday (Happy Birthday, Daddy!) so we could go to a wedding.  On the way down, we stopped by McDonald's.
Even though I didn't get to eat anything from there, I'm still happy.

It was a tiring trip.  It took us about 10.5 hrs to get to Santa Ana.

  Here we are with Uncle Sack.  He's one of Mommy's friends from when she was still in college.  They haven't seen each other in several years, so it was nice for them to see each other and for us to meet him.
Good morning!

Here we are on the hotel bed.

The next day we met up with Auntie Naomi and Uncle Jon funny at Carsland!

I'm so tired that I'm sucking on the buckle of Mommy's purse strap.

We got to ride this tractor ride where it swings us around.  Well, Daddy and I did anyway.  Mommy was with Julia.

 Hi Lightning McQueen!!!!

Yay!  Another picture with Mickey.  This time he's wearing different clothes and the background is different too!

While we were in line for It's a Small World, we got to watch a parade.

 What are you showing me, Auntie Naomi??

We don't have many pictures of the next day we went to Disneyland, but here I am driving the car again.

 Man, Elliot is having soo much fun.  I get stuck doing tummy time.  What's that all about?

If only I could figure out how to roll over....

Here's my 5 month old picture!  Happy monthday to me! Mommy says I'm looking really long in this picture.
The main reason we went down to LA was for Uncle Brian and Auntie Mary's wedding.  I'm supposed to be the ring bearer.  Here I am practicing going down the aisle.  This is exactly how Mommy imagined me going...sideways, making faces, etc.

Uncle Brian thought it might be better if we all walked together.

The morning of the wedding, we went to meet my new cousin Baby Joshua.  Here we are with Uncle Eric. 

I'm happy to be in his arms.  He tells Mommy he's super tired because it's a lot of work dealing with a newborn.  Uncle Eric, we're ALL worth it though.  :)

Great Auntie Susanna is a grandma now!  Congratulations to her and Uncle Jon, and Auntie Colleen, of course!
Congratulations to Great Uncle Richard too for becoming a grandpa!

The day has arrived and don't I look smashing in my tuxedo?

I think I'm pretty stylin'.

More posing.

Look at our beautiful family.  Too bad I couldn't stay still long enough to get a good shot.

Look how pretty in pink I am with Great Auntie Susanna and Great Uncle Zadig.  They're siblings.


I got to take a picture with Great Auntie Leona, the mother of the groom, and Great Auntie Anna who came all the way from Hong Kong for the wedding.  There were a lot of family members for me to meet.

Grandpa and I are so handsome.

So, you might wonder, did I actually walk down the aisle?  Uh, nope.  I refused at the last minute.  Sorry Uncle Brian and Auntie Mary!!!

On another note, here I am with Uncle James and Auntie Allison.

And another picture with both Uncle James and Uncle Charles. They're twins!

 Look at my handsome uncles carrying me.  I'm so lucky!

What a surprise!  Uncle Michael showed up at the wedding.  Now that he's part of the Blue Angels team, it's hard for him to join family events.  But since he was in El Centro (wherever that is), he thought he'd drive to the wedding to see family. 

 Great Auntie Susanna couldn't get enough of me.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm eating my pizza backwards.  I'm just cool that way.

I was pretty cranky that day since I didn't nap much (which could explain why I didn't walk down the aisle).  But once Daddy started playing with me, I got my second wind.


This is the first time I met Uncle Tim.  He's Auntie Naomi's big brother.  There's Uncle Warren in the background.

I like Auntie Naomi.  She's fun!

Here's another picture of us.  Again, I couldn't stay still long enough to get a good picture.  Oh well.

 Here we are with our grandparents.  Great Uncle Allen was making me laugh.

I enjoyed dancing with Grandma.

Mommy had to carry me most of the night.  Here I am with the great aunties again.

 She even carried me when she was dancing with Daddy!

 Speaking of dancing, check out my moves!

Here's a picture with some of Mommy's cousins.

And one large family shot.  Not everyone is in this picture though.  Congratulations Uncle Brian and Auntie Mary!

The next day, Uncle Michael came by to say bye.  Here are the three of us.
 The drive home was much better at 8.5 hrs, though Julia had a rough time the last hour of it.  It was such a tiring week that we both napped for about 2 hrs, which helped my parents get a bit further without having to stop in between.  We hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Sorry the post is late.  We're looking forward to a slow week to recover.