Monday, December 27, 2010

My First Christmas and 11 month Birthday! December 20th-26th

Merry Christmas everyone!  What an exciting time of year. It's Christmas and I'm 11 months old!

First a Christmas picture.  Most of you have seen this already in our holiday card, but we're posting it here for posterity.

And now, my monthly picture!

This week was special because Mommy spent it with me.  She's on her winter break.  I like it when Mommy is on vacation.  We went to a play date on Wednesday with some babies who also live in San Mateo.  I met one of the babies (Naomi) way back in the summer.  There was another baby there (Felix), but I didn't get a picture with him.

Here I am with Naomi...playing with her toys.

Check out the viking hat!

Auntie Jun made a surprise visit on Wednesday.  She brought me a Christmas present too!  She's so nice...and tall!

Here's a picture of my family.

Uncle Mike, Auntie Jen, and my cousin Alyssa are in town again.  I'll get to see them a lot this next week.
Here's a picture with Auntie Nathalie and my cousin Alyssa.

And a couple of just the cousins.

I got a new toy from Mommy and Daddy,

And from Grandma and Grandpa too!  Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen gave me some wooden blocks, but I don't have a picture with those yet.
We went to a Christmas dinner at the Watson's residence (Auntie Jen's parents' place).  I'm playing with Shea here...she's Alyssa's cousin too!

I like Rocky quite a bit...he makes me laugh.

Do you see my boo boo?  I hurt my head when I fell on a lid of a can.  I DO love snuggling with Daddy though.

I saw Uncle Greg again, but I wasn't too happy to take a picture with him.  Sorry Uncle Greg!  It was way past my nap time and I was getting cranky!  Next time I'll behave.

I prefer to climb instead of letting Daddy take pictures of me.

A couple of new developments...I pushed up to a stand.  I usually pull on furniture to stand up, but I pushed up on Mommy's leg and stood up on Christmas!  I'm getting good at it.
Another new development is that I took my first step, also on Christmas.  I'm very wobbly, and I fall soon after my first step (or two), but it's all about practice now.  Daddy thinks I'll walk by the time I'm a year old.  We'll see...until next week!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 47 December 13th-19th

Hello everyone.  Look at what I'm doing...kneeling with balance.

Mommy never takes pictures of me when I'm in this mood, but this time she did.  People say that I'm mellow.  People who actually know me well know that I can be, but not always.  Mommy thought it was funny.  Not nice, Mommy.  Not nice at all.

Grandma and Grandpa left for Hong Kong on Wednesday night, so I got to spend two days with Daddy while he was "working" from home.  On Thursday, I was soo excited he was home that I didn't take my nap until 1p (I usually go down around 10a), and I only slept for one hour.  Daddy was very tired and a little stressed because he couldn't work at all.  On Friday, I was much better, and Mommy came back by 2p.

 My parents are attempting to cut my hair.  It IS getting long, and we still have people second guessing my gender.  I AM A BOY!  Daddy started out with the back.  He doesn't think it's straight.

 Mommy did better with one side.

But she couldn't manage to cut both sides...she got sad because it made me look like a big boy.  She was surprised that she was getting upset about it.  It's ok, Mommy.  As a result, here I am with one side done and the other side not cut.  We'll see if Mommy can rally and cut the other side...she really likes the curl so she's very unwilling to cut it off.  I hope I don't have to sport this "do" for a long time.

On Friday afternoon I got to see my buddy Alex.  I missed his birthday last week so we went over to give him his gift.  But here I am playing with his toys.  Alex didn't play with me much.  He's so mobile he'd rather climb the stairs and I still can't keep up with him yet. He's great at sharing though.

I'm getting mobile too.  Here I am in the kitchen now. What's in here?

Time to get cabinet locks.

Whew!  Mommy  managed to cut the other side of my hair on Saturday.  It's not as even as the other side, but it'll do.  I DO look like a big boy here.

Just in time too, to meet up with all the other babies on Sunday. 

Here I am with Lucas and Ryan.

Then Meagan joined us.  The four of us have never been in one place at the same time.  Can you get everyone to look at the cameras at the same time?  I don't think so.

With so many cameras going off, we're hoping one of the pictures turn out well. 

Here I am with Uncle Daryl.  This is the first time we've met.  He lives in New York now.

And finally, a shot with all the daddies.  You can't see Ryan though...he's sleeping.  And I think Lucas is trying to get MY sock!  That's my job!

I was trying to post a video, but it was taking too long and Mommy didn't want to stay up anymore (past 1am!) to do this.  So maybe we'll post it next time.  Until next week!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 46 December 6th-12th

I forgot to post this last week.  Auntie Carole came to see me at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The last time she saw me, I was very tiny.

Uncle Kenny came to visit.  He hasn't seen me since I was 2 months old!

When I'm at my grandparents' place, I nap on the floor since I jump around in the crib.  I'm totally out in this picture.

When I wake up from a nap, my hair is all wet with sweat.  You can't really tell in this picture, but my hair is messy.  Look at my cheeks!

I'm typically a happy baby.

We went to our monthly get-together on Saturday.  This time around, there were more people there.  This might be the last get together for a little while.  Auntie Melissa is going to have her baby girl soon, so we might have some time off before we meet again.

Zach was trying to hold me up for a group shot.  He's so nice!

An action shot of us playing with some toys.

This Elmo talks a lot.  I needed to knock it down.

Here's Braeden.  He's one of Uncle Lou's sons.  You should have seen all the photographers trying to get a shot of all three of us together.  I think this is the best Daddy got.

Check out my fob squatting skillz...

Here's a picture of me courtesy of Auntie Rita.

I had some visitors this week.  Uncle Mike, Auntie Jen, and my cousin Alyssa came up to see me.

The main reason they came up was for my baptism.  I wasn't happy to have water poured on me.
I got to see Auntie Kristine (one of my newly dubbed godmothers) again.  Auntie Nathalie is my other godmother.

 Here's a great family picture.

One with us and Auntie Kristine and Uncle Tony.

Another with just the grandparents.

And Grandma being greedy with both grandchildren.

Because I had my baptism on Sunday, I missed my buddy Alex's 1st birthday party.  Sorry Alex. 

I'm teething again (I think it's a continuous thing..hence the constant drooling).  I'm getting my upper teeth in now.
I'm also feeling braver and letting go of whatever support I have when I'm standing.  Although this video is just a few seconds long, I'm letting go for progressively longer times.

I also found this new toy at Grandma's place.  When I first played with it, I was scared and cried.  Grandma had to calm me down.  When Mommy came to get me, she reintroduced me to it and I had a lot of fun with it.

Here's a pic of Uncle Mike and my cousin Alyssa in front of our Christmas tree.

And finally, Mommy dug this vest out of the closet.  She knitted this for me when I was still in her tummy.  She pulled it out for me to wear before I outgrow it.  It's not a great picture or me, but oh well.  I wasn't very happy.

Overall a pretty eventful week.  Hope you enjoyed the many pictures!