Sunday, June 30, 2013

47 Weeks, more birthday pictures, and Disneyland!

I'm 47 weeks this week and we have a lot of pictures to sort through.  First, more pictures (from Great Uncle Richard's camera) of my Grandpa's birthday celebration.  Here I am with Great Auntie Susanna.
 Don't I look sweet with Auntie Jen?
 Hey!  Look at my car!!!

 Here's one with everyone but Ashley.  She was sleeping.

 Yay for you, Grandpa!
 We were all getting ready to help Grandpa blow out his candles.  All the kids were here this time, even cousin Sara on the left.


 Back at home, my brother and my cousin Alyssa are squishing me!

 The only one looking happy is Alyssa.  I still can't master my smile.
 Ooh, we get to blow out the candles again, but this time on Grandpa's actual birthday.

Here I am with Great Uncle "Eight".
 And one with Great Auntie "Eight".

One with me too!

 On the way down to Southern California, Mommy was trying to get me to nap.  I don't think this is working, Mommy.

So, as the post says, we went to Disneyland again!  Look at all of us with one of Elliot's favorite characters...Lightning McQueen!

 Mommy rode on Autopia with me for the first time!  We had a great time driving!

 It was soo hot down there.  But I'm still styling in Grandma's hat.

 Hello there!

Sara and I became pretty good friends.

 I really liked Uncle Ken too!  It's the first time I've met him.

 Uncle Calvin joined us in the afternoon.

Here's a picture of the dragon babies and our mommies.

 We spent a day relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep.

 But the next day, we were back at it.
Another day at the parks and I got to ride this caterpillar ride.

 And then this bumper bug ride too.

 Another picture of the dragon babies, but this time we're all fighting for Ashley's toy.

 Guess who won this round?  Yum!

 One with our mommies.

And another with our daddies.

 Here's one with the whole group.  You can see Uncle Greg, Auntie Jen, Baby Xavier and Jackie next to Mommy.

 One last picture on the way home with Auntie Jen.
 We had a total blast the few days we were in Disneyland and California Adventure.  We can't wait to go again.  We miss all our cousins already!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

46 Weeks and Visitors!

I'm 46 weeks this week and we had a lot of visitors for Grandpa's 70th birthday.  But first, a picture  of me.  Look where I ended up.  For those of you familiar with my place, there's a step down I had to maneuver to get to this room.

One day Mommy took me on a playdate with my old school friend William.  He doesn't go to my school anymore, but we had a blast together.

 This is the first time that Julia and I sat in the shopping cart together.  She was so happy to see me next to her.  I was pretty happy too.  Cool that Costco has a big enough cart to sit together.

We went to Target another day and I didn't want to sit in the front with Mommy, so I ended up here.  I was super happy.

One night Mommy went out to watch a ball game, so Daddy and I took a picture to show her what we were eating.  Don't we look alike?  Even down to the way we smile, says Mommy.  Mommy loves this picture.
I stayed home with Mommy the next day, and we went to the park around our house.  I made a new friend, though I don't know her name.  I kept calling her "Hey!"

Uncle Michael and his family came to visit for Grandpa's 70th birthday.  Here I am with him.


He holds me up in the air and says "Supergirl!"

I'm playing with Alyssa.  Do you see Julia crawling over from the side? She wants to play with us too.

The next day was Grandpa's birthday celebration.  Here I am with Great Auntie Susanna and Auntie Jen.

And here I am being silly with Alyssa!

I finally got a picture with my other godparents, Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen!

Don't I look happy with Daddy?


Hi birthday boy, I mean, Grandpa!  Happy birthday, Grandpa!  This was towards the end of the night and I was getting tired.

Here's a shot of Mommy with our grandparents and uncle and auntie.
Great Uncle Richard took more pictures so I'm sure we'll get more in the next few weeks.  There were also a lot more guests that we don't have pictures of. Happy birthday again, Grandpa!  Stay tuned, next week's post will be jammed packed!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

45 Weeks, mobility and Father's Day!

I'm 45 weeks now and I've just been moving right along in my development.  I can pull myself to a stand now.  I use the space between the cushion of the couch to help.  Mommy said something about me using the "crack" but I don't know what it means...something to do with rock climbing, I think.

I pull myself to a stand in the crib too, which means that nap time has officially become play time.  Woo hoo!  That's how Mommy knows!  She always comes in to put me back down once I'm standing and I couldn't figure out how she knew.


Daddy, why did you put me in here?  Ah well, I don't mind since I like to rock the tub.

Mommy took me to the park a few times this week.  I'm enjoying the swings quite a bit.

While Mommy went to the other room to do something, she put me in the playpen to keep me from falling.  Well, I got stuck.  Instead of hurrying to help me out, Mommy went to get the camera first.  Gee thanks, Mommy.

We rarely get to watch TV, but when we did today, this is where I was chilling.

Another day at Happy Hollow but this time with Grandma!  This is new!

I was pushing Grandma around.  I think she enjoyed it.

We also hung out in the tree house.

Look where I ended up.

Ooh shoes...a start of an obsession to come?  Daddy hopes not.  We don't have enough room for all our shoes.


Since I'm crawling now, I definitely go for what I want.  Magna-tiles!!!

Whenever I hear music, I dance.  I think I get that from Grandma.

Guess where we went again?  This time Daddy was able to join us.  The biggest thing this time around is that I rode a roller coaster!  It was so much fun!  I even had my hands off the bar.  This picture is just of us at the beginning of the ride.

I'm an early riser.  Because of that, my parents don't come to get me until a little later.  In the meantime, I occupy myself.  See all the diapers?  Mommy counted 12 of them.  I reach through the crib slats into the changing table for them.

I went to the dentist for my first check up and cleaning.  I did so well!  And no cavities too!
 Like my 'do?

Another special occasion which warranted including Sunday pictures was Father's Day.  Here we are with Daddy.  Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

And then again with Grandpa and Grandma.  Julia, you're so silly!

This week was less picture intense than last week, but we hope you enjoyed it anyway!