Monday, September 27, 2010

8 Month Birthday! September 20th-26th

This week I turned 8 months!  Here I am in my monthly picture.

This week was interesting because Grandpa was the only one taking care of me.  Grandma went down to help Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen take care of my cousin Alyssa, so it was just me and Grandpa during the day.  Grandpa thinks I was picking on him.  I didn't nap very well.  I cried a lot because I was tired, but when Grandpa put me down for a nap, I'd scream louder and wouldn't go to sleep.  Sorry Grandpa...I guess I just wanted to stay awake so I could play with you.  By the end of the week though, we both pulled it together.  Grandpa understood that I was telling him I needed to go take a nap earlier, and I understood Grandpa was tired so I complied.  Whew!

With a half week of poor naps, Mommy was worried about our trip and how I would handle the drive.  We drove down to Camarillo to visit and meet Alyssa!  Overall I did fine.  The drive home was harder than the drive down, but I did soooo much better than our last trip during July 4th weekend.

 So first off, here I am with my new cousin, Alyssa!  She's soo tiny.  Mommy and Daddy can't believe that I used to be that small.

Here's an up close picture of Alyssa with Mommy.

Look at the size of my foot compared to Alyssa's!

And yes, I am grabbing her foot.  Hey, it's right there!

Uncle Eric and Auntie Colleen came to visit me.  I say me because they visited Alyssa last week already, and when Uncle heard I might be coming down to visit, he said he'd make another trip just to see me.

Uncle Eric was afraid to hold me but he wasn't afraid of playing with me.  I really enjoyed his company.

Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen had this bouncer thing that can be hung on a door frame.  I had a field day with it.

There's also a pool in Uncle and Auntie's complex.  Grandma suggested that we go and play in the water.  This is the first time I ever went to a pool.  I wasn't sure about it at first, when Mommy dipped my feet in the water.

But once I was able to stand on the step, I started jumping up and down.  I had a lot of fun.

Here I am with Auntie Jen.

One with Uncle Mike.  He's been so used to carrying Alyssa that he thinks I'm super heavy.

And of course, Grandma had to hold both of her grandchildren.
I'm beginning to pull up, but not without some help.  I actually have to be sitting close to the crib rail so that I can reach it.  I'm still wobbly, but I'm getting it.

I have a new booster seat.  I've graduated from the bumbo seat because I tend to try to get out of it.

I also got to try American cheese from Daddy and Mommy "Lady and the Tramp" style.

One the way home, we had to make a stop or two to give me a much deserved break.  We were at CVS, and I was going incognito.  I am a rock star after all.  Can't let people know who I am.

Phew!  What a week!  I think this one made up for last week.  Until next time!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 34 Sept. 13th-19th

This week I had my weight check appointment.  I am now 18 lbs 11 oz and am 27.75" long, close to the 50th percentile in weight (I was at 40th at 6 months) and slightly below the 75th percentile in height.  So I gained nearly two pounds and 1/2" from my check-up 6 weeks ago, which makes both my doctor and mommy happy.  I actually was close to gaining a solid two pounds, but I peed all over the scale, got the nurse too, and Mommy's hand (she was covering my sprinkler system at that point), so I lost some weight there.  On the other hand, gaining the weight makes Mommy feel bad because I could've gained more weight during the time she spent at home nursing me.  As Daddy says, don't cry over spilled milk, Mommy.

Daddy moved me into the bathroom for my baths now.  I was moving around too much and grabbing things around the kitchen sink and Daddy didn't like that.  My parents found this rubber ducky for me to play with though.  As with everything, I have to stick it in my mouth.

Here's another picture.  I got his whole head in my mouth!

My parents are making me do tummy time a lot more now, especially since Grandma and Grandpa don't do it too often (it's hard for them to get on the floor and stay down there with me).  Mommy says I'm a lazy lump because have no interest at all in crawling. 

I don't like tummy time, so Daddy is trying to distract me.

Look at my new toy!  It's pretty cool.  And yes, I'm trying to get it in my mouth.  Hey, I don't really have the concept of size down yet.

And of course, more tummy time from Mommy.

Check me out here!  Talk about rolls everywhere! I saw that Mommy was going to take a picture of me so I closed my eyes.  But then I grinned at the same time and this is the result. 

It was a rather uneventful week, hence the lack of pictures.  I hope next week will be more exciting for all of us.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 33 September 6th-12th

This week was special.  We celebrated Grandma and Grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary on Wednesday AND we welcomed a new member to the family.  I have a baby cousin now!  Auntie Jen and Uncle Mike had their baby on Wednesday night.  Her name is Alyssa!  What a cool present for my grandparents.  I can't wait to meet her, although I'm not sure about sharing my grandparents' affection with anyone else.

Mommy says I'm getting smart.  I know that her camera is going to flash my eyes so now I close them ahead of time.  It makes it difficult for her to take pictures of me indoors.  Oh well.

Here I am with my buddy Grandpa.  He's really enjoying helping Grandma take care of me during the week.  I'm so lucky!

Great Auntie Leona and Great Uncle Paul came up again for business.  Great Auntie bought me this cool vest.  Everyone thinks I look so grown up in it.

Mommy and Daddy bought me a new stroller.  Well, a new used stroller.  It has this cool toy on it.  I didn't know what to do with it.

I'm liking my new wheels.  I think I have some growing into it still though.

We went on an outing with Daddy's little brother Juan.  This picture is of me and Juan's little sister Crystal.

Here I am at the park.

Finally, some reminiscing.  Here are my feet in April, when I was almost 3 months old.

Here they are now.  It's hard to tell, but my feet are bigger.  And I have less wrinkles on the bottom of them.

Mommy and Daddy want to stop time.  They really like me at this age since I'm rather fun now (though I'll say I've ALWAYS been fun).  Sorry for the short post!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 32 August 24th-September 5th

Another week passed by.  Mommy did find some pictures of me and Lucas, Auntie Grace and Uncle Eddy's baby.  These pictures were taken by Uncle Jeff.

I look really big compared to him. I can't believe that I was once that small too!

I'm leaning waay over here.  What you don't know is that I was eyeing Lucas's sock.  When I pulled it off, I sat back up to play with it.  But when the mommies put the sock back onto Lucas's foot, I went after it again.  I managed to pull it off twice! Daddy's got it on video on his camera.  Hey, what can I say?  He's got some really cool looking socks!

Grandma thought she'd play the hairstylist this time.

Mommy put this cup on my face.  I didn't know what to do with it except lick it.

There has been a few people ask if I was a girl, which annoyed my parents.  But after looking at these pictures, I guess they can understand why (though my "boy" outfits should deter people from guessing incorrectly-sigh).  I disagree though.

It was a slightly unusual week.  Mommy stayed home with me on Thursday because Grandma has the shingles.  I hope she feels better soon.  (Daddy stayed home with me on Friday).  But because Mommy was home, I got to have a play date with my old buddy Alex again!

As you can tell, he isn't really giving me the time of day.  I think I'm just an obstacle for him to go over.

Hey!  Watch where you put your hand!  Maybe you're getting back at me for putting my hand on your butt last time.

I'm holding onto the teething biscuit now.  I really like it.  And Mommy likes it too because it keeps me occupied so she can eat.

Check out my hair again.  I was really sweaty so Mommy ran her fingers through my hair.  Daddy said I have horns like a buffalo.

On Saturday, we went to the farmer's market at College of San Mateo.  I had my first taste of fresh peach.  It was unbelievable.  I was gnawing on the wedge nonstop.  Poor Mommy's hands were all sticky from the juice.  But SO yum yum.

We also went to Uncle Jerry and Auntie Oahn's house for Uncle Jerry's birthday.  Here I am with Uncle Jerry.

I put everything in my mouth.  Notice the dark spot caused by my drool?  Nice.

Perry, their boy, is 2 1/2 years old.  He's so big!  He was sharing his toys with me.

Sunday included having dim sum with my grandparents, trying some of the cha siu bao's bao (bbq pork bun's bun...haha), and having almost a quarter of another fresh peach.

I have one more day with my parents during this long weekend.  Yay for me!