Sunday, April 28, 2013

38 Weeks

I'm 38 weeks old this week!  Don't we look happy?


Grandma has been taking me to the park nearly every day.  I really like it.

It's been warm here lately, so I got to wear some summer clothes.

 Of course, Mommy had to give me the pigtails again.

Don't I look so sophisticated?

 Me too!  Mommy calls me a pretty boy.  I think I'm just handsome, Mommy.

Look at what I'm beginning to do!  I have to be sitting up though and close to the rail.  Unlike Elliot, who was already able to get to a sitting position from his tummy at this same age, if I'm on my stomach, I turn over right away to my back, and then I'm stuck.

I felt like sumo-walking again.  It has been a while.

I was imitating Mommy too.  She frequently puts her hands on her hips when she's talking to me.

 Recently, I've been more content to play on the mat.  Now you know why.

Not really tasty, but it helps with my itchy gums.

You know what IS tasty?  Watermelon.  YUM!

 I couldn't get enough of it.


 If you look carefully, you'll see the slippers I made at school.  They have wiggly eyes all over them.

Alex and I had an impromptu play date on Saturday.  Auntie Monnette and Alex came over to drop off daddy's sunglasses and to borrow my tux.  We had a lot of fun playing with all my diggers.
Look at me!  I'm sitting in Elliot's chair!  Mommy likes feeding me in this because then she doesn't worry about me falling over.  And I get to bang on the tray too!
 We hope you enjoyed this week's post!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

37 Weeks and Doppleganger?

I'm 37 weeks old now.  What am I doing in here?  Well, Mommy had to do something in the kitchen so she put me in the basket.  I wanted her to hold me and I was yelling when she put me down and left me earlier, so this is the compromise.  I don't mind this at all.

 One day Daddy was playing hairdresser.  I'm pretty happy with the look.  What do you think?

 I've been alternating between being a big boy and play being a baby.  Guess which I am in this picture?


I even go so far as to speak in baby talk where Mommy doesn't understand me.

Soon after this role playing, I'm pretending to be a teacher.

 See the pictures, Daddy?  I'm reading you the story and showing them to you.  I'm glad you're such a good listener.

 Later that night, back to being a baby.  Daddy was singing me a lullaby and holding me like a baby.

Back to me...Grandma got me ready to go to the park!  We've been going since it's been warm.  Thanks, Grandma!

You got to go to the park, I got to eat ice cream, so there!
 On Saturday we went to two birthday parties.  Here I am with Elise and Auntie Mia at Aidan's birthday party.  We just met, but everyone said me and Elise look alike...hence the doppleganger comment.  She's exactly one week younger than me.  This isn't a great picture of us, since neither of us are looking at the camera and Elise wasn't too happy, but I guess I see some similarities.

I got to play chase with Alex and Eva.

 Well really, I was chasing Daddy because he had a strawberry in his hand.  Then the other kids started chasing too.

Auntie Mia said I am more social than Elise.  Here I am playing peek-a-boo around the plant with Elise's daddy.

After that party, we went to Auntie Tara's 7th birthday.  We didn't have any pictures of Elliot playing, but here's one of me with a borrowed headband.  Cute huh?

It was a fun and relaxing week.  Until next time!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

36 weeks

Here's a picture from last week's wedding with Auntie Jun, Serena, and Auntie Jenny, the bride. I don't look too happy, but that's because I know it's a new place for me, so I'm still unsure of things.
 This week was even more low key than last week.  There aren't very many pictures.  Sorry about that.

We do have pictures of me though.  This is how you play with this toy, right?

 My hair is getting longer so Mommy put it up.  It was mainly because she hasn't repaired a red clip she made, so she grabbed the rubber bands instead.

Here's a picture of me, Mommy, and Julia.  I was scared of the vacuum cleaner Daddy was using in the other room so I climbed onto the chair with Mommy.  She thought she'd get a picture of us together.
Man, I need to get more pictures in the blog next time.  Sorry for the short blog.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

8 Months Birthday!

It's my 8 month birthday this week.  Here are my monthly pictures.

 I'm trying to keep my balance while playing with Minnie Mouse.  I fell back soon after.


Mommy found the bonnet that we used at my 2 week photo shoot and she put it on me.  I think it may be too small for me now.

Help!! The giraffe is getting me!

I got you now!


We had another low key week, which was nice.  Mommy was home for Spring break so I got to spend a lot of time with her.  I'm doing so well sitting by myself!

I spent some time with Mommy too.  I entertained Mommy and Julia by singing with my ukelele.

Here's another picture of me sitting.
 I was soo going after these pretty boxes.  If you look carefully, you can see my right foot is planted on the ground circa how Elliot crawled.  Mommy didn't get the look on my face, but I paused with surprise as this was a new feeling for me.  I promptly fell onto the box afterward and got a little scratch on my face.  Mommy now wonders if I'll crawl Quasimoto style like Elliot did.  Probably not, Mommy.  I'm not interested in crawling at all.

Since my bottom two teeth are coming out, I've been chewing a lot more things.

Daddy put me on top of the couch.  I really like standing up, even though I'm nowhere near stable.  I kept on falling down.

It was funny watching Julia fall down onto the couch.  I laughed a lot.

At the end of the week, we went to Uncle Darren and Auntie Jenny's wedding. 
What is this?

 I was a little hungry, so I was gnawing on Mommy's knee.  That's the first time I did that, and I think I like it.


I'm pretending to play the flute here with the wedding streamers.  Don't ask me why it's up by my eyes.

I think I look pretty handsome.  If only I could smile better, Mommy says.
 How YOU doing?
 Here's a picture of me and Mommy.

And here's one of me and Daddy.
Anyways, Daddy was too busy chasing me around to take any pictures at the party, but I had a blast running around.  Hope you enjoyed our post.