Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 weeks and jumpy houses!!

 Julia is 12 weeks old this week.  Look at me!  I'm helping Mommy make cookies.  Is this what a whisk is for?  I usually use it as a microphone. 

 Look at my mask!  It's really my pants on my head, in case you weren't sure.  I started off by putting my arms into the pant legs.  Daddy did the rest.

I can't see!  Guess it doesn't matter since I'm asleep anyway.
 I'm pumping with Mommy's pumps this time.

I'm relaxing on Daddy's chair.


I'm a happy baby!  We're on our way to a birthday party for one of Elliot's daycare friends.

 Daddy changed my hair bow so that it could match my pink sweater, but now that it's off, I should be wearing the purple one in the picture above.

 I wanted to wear Julia's bow too!

We're at Pump It Up!  It's a place full of jumpy houses!  Look at me coming down this big slide!  It was sooo fun!

 I got stuck in this car.  Hrumph!

 Here's one of my friends, William!
 cream cake!

Here's a picture of my feet.  Mommy wanted Daddy to take a picture before they got really big.
Apparently there are more pictures of Elliot this week than me. I guess I'll have to do something about that for next week.  See you next week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

11 Weeks, Mommy's birthday, more Red Egg pictures, and some fun

I'm 11 weeks old! How quickly time is flying by.  We went out to dinner for Mommy's birthday and here I am with her, though I fell asleep in her arms.  Happy birthday, Mommy!

 Do you like my new hoodie towel?  Auntie Colleen and Uncle Eric bought it for me.  It's really soft.

Great Uncle Richard took a lot of pictures at my Red Egg party, so I'm going to show some to you now.  Thanks for all the pictures!

Great Auntie Leona is holding me here.  I look content.

 Here's one of my family.  Too bad I'm not looking at the camera.  I think I was staring at Elliot.

 There are Alyssa's grandparents, Grandma Lizzy and Pops.

And one with more distant relatives, technically Great granduncle Herrick and Great grandaunt May.  Great granduncle Herrick is actually my Great grandmother's cousin!

Since I don't know how to wink, Great Auntie Susanna told me to just close one eye!  I like it!


This table has all of Grandma's church friends and me in the back with Mommy.

Do we look alike here?

Ah, the culprits who are trying to teach me to wink, Great Uncle Richard and Great Auntie Susanna with our family!


This table has my Mommy's cousins and a really old friend of hers and my Uncle Michael, Uncle Greg!  His family was there too!  Nice to meet you!

Mommy is making me smile here.  Everyone thinks I look a lot like Elliot, especially when I smile, and also when I wear his hand me downs, like this outfit.

Here I am in my Halloween costume!  I don't even know what Halloween is.
 I'm a happy flower.

 We went to Lemos Farms on Saturday! I've been talking about it all week. It was cold so Mommy had me wear part of my costume.  ROAR!

Thumbs up for Grandma and me!

 Giddyup horsey!

Oh wait, here's a real horsey.  I don't look as excited as I once did when I first rode the pony.  I think I enjoyed it though.

I like playing on the play structure though.

Look at me!!!

Can you see Auntie Nat?  She took a picture with me.

 I think I want this pumpkin.

And you know I LOVE jumpy houses!


 Another horsey to ride!  And Mommy and Julia (can you see her?) are here too!

 On the way home, I thought I'd wear my socks as gloves.


Mommy's old friends Auntie Kristine and Auntie Adrienne came to visit again.  They've known each other since they were 5 years old!  I've seen Auntie Kristine before, but Auntie Adrienne lives in Southern California, so it's the first time we've met.  She's going to have a baby boy in February next year!  Yay!
I hope you enjoyed our pictures for this week!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 weeks old and Red Egg

I'm 10 weeks old and look at me smiling!  Everyone says I look a lot like Elliot at this age.  I don't know.  I think I'm cuter.

 It was Grandma's birthday this week!  Happy birthday!  I was super excited I could eat cake.  Elliot, what's cake?

 Mommy wanted a picture of my lashes again.  She thinks they're getting really long!

 Here I am after a bath.  I like my baths!

We had a lot of visitors this weekend for my Red Egg and Ginger party.  Here I am with Great Uncle Richard.  It's the first time we've met!

 I'm in this picture too!  Great Auntie Susanna, Uncle Jon (Funny), Uncle Eric, Auntie Colleen, and Great Uncle Richard all came up for the party!  How fun!

 Auntie Colleen is going to have a baby boy in January!  Yay!  Another cousin to play with!

 Uncle Jon is holding me here.  Elliot really likes him.  I think I do too!

 I need to pump milk for Julia. Uncle Jon bought me this car toy that I need to pump in order for it to move, but I'm clearly finding other uses for it.

Great Auntie Susanna bought me this outfit.  Hai Yah!

We also had a birthday dinner for Grandma that night.

 I got to help blow out some candles!

 I like making funny faces!

 Like my bunny shirt?  Too bad I  was making such a funny face.


Look how pretty I am!  This is the dress that Great Auntie Veronica bought me.  I'm ready for the party.

 I like it when I'm upside down!  Uncle Calvin and Uncle Warren are a lot of fun!

Here I am with Auntie Melissa and Zach.  Zach was really smitten with me.  But who can blame him?  I'm so cute!

He's my buddy too! 
 We played a lot at dinner together.

Avery, Zach's sister, joined us too!


Here I am with Great Auntie Leona, and some family friends of my grandma...Uncle Jonathan, Great Auntie Amy, and Great Uncle Geoffrey.

 Auntie Rita and Uncle Jim are meeting me for the first time too!

 And here is Alyssa's Grandma Lizzy!  I was getting sleepy though.

I want to be funny just like Uncle Jon!

The next day, I thought I'd try on this hat that Auntie Rita made for Julia.  Mommy said that if it fits me now, then it'll be a while before it'll fit Julia.  I'm not sure what she's implying here.


Great Auntie Leona was playing with my feet.  I was smiling a lot with her.

What a whirlwind weekend!  So many guests!  Not enough pictures.  I may put up more next week, as Great Uncle Richard took lots of pictures.  Thanks, Mommy and Daddy, and Grandma and Grandpa for the party!  I was very awake and aware for most of the evening and it was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures of everyone!