Saturday, May 25, 2013

42 Weeks!

I'm 42 weeks this week.  Mommy forgot to post these pictures a few weeks ago.  So I haven't been great about drinking my bottle.  I like to swat and push it away when I get bored.  So Grandma came up with this solution for the time being.  She doesn't do this anymore, but it worked for a little while.

Last week Sunday, we went to a red egg and ginger party for Justice.  He's Genevieve's baby brother.  Here is all of both of our families together.  Elliot doesn't look too happy.  Vivi doesn't look happy either, but she was sick.

 I'm not extremely mobile yet, but I do like to pull on things to get up.  I'm kneeling in this picture.  I normally can only do that when I have a good grip on something, like this box.


 Some times I ask to wear Julia's hair clips.  And when I do, my parents ask me to pose.

And pose I do.

 Like I said, I'm not super mobile, but I do get around in my own way.  I started off in the middle of the mat and I ended up here.  I kept peeking at Mommy.  Peek-a-boo!

It looks like I'm crawling but I'm not.  I have one leg still under me, while the other is in the correct position.  I can't quite figure out my other leg yet.

But I do go for what I want, Michael Jordan style, whoever that is.
We hope you enjoyed this week's post!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

41 Weeks

I'm 41 weeks old.  This past Wednesday, Mommy took me to see the doctor for my 9 month check up.  Here are my stats.  I now weigh 18 lbs, 14 oz (59th percentile).  My head circumference is 45 cm (78th percentile) and I am 29.25" tall (93rd percentile!!!).  I was in the 80th percentile at 6 months!  Mommy thought I was pretty long, as my 9 month sleep onesies don't really fit anymore, but she didn't think I was THAT tall.  Yay for me.  Grandma was just happy I wasn't in the 90th percentile in weight.  She's scared I'm going to be fat.  Sigh.  Grandma, all babies should be fat. (Sorry for the blurry picture, and thanks Auntie Colleen and Uncle Eric for the shirt!).

Most of the week was rather uneventful.  At school on Friday, we had Family Day.  We have a picnic with our parents to celebrate both Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Daddy had to work but here's a picture of me and Mommy.

On Saturday, we met up with Uncle Kenny and his parents for dim sum.  I decided I wanted to wear my animal hat on the way there.
I'm pretty happy with Uncle Kenny!
Cousin Drew was there too!  He's almost 2 years old now.


 Although I was getting tired at the restaurant, once I got back in the car, I was good to go.

Hi Mommy!

 While Elliot stayed home to nap, I got to go shopping with Mommy.  This is my first time sitting in the front of a shopping cart.  I wasn't sure what to make of it once it started moving though, but right now I'm pretty happy.

Like we said, it was a low key week.  Maybe next week we'll have more pictures of Elliot.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

40 Weeks and Mother's day

I'm 40 weeks old this week. 
Grandma's been taking me out to the park.  I think I'm digging this swing.

 Here's a picture of me and Grandpa.


Auntie Nathalie came over for dinner one night.  I wanted to hold Julia so Mommy made me hold Julia this way.

Hello, Julia!

I'm showing Julia how to work Daddy's old phone.


 Mommy caught me playing the laundry basket.  What you don't see before is that I was flinging all the clothes around.  This is what's left.

 As a result, when I fell over, she didn't pick me up but took this picture of me laying on the floor.
Normally we don't post anything that happened on Sunday since I end my week on Saturdays (we save it for the next week), but since it was Mother's day, we thought we'd post. Here I am with my Mommy.


Mommy wanted a picture of me and Julia with her...her two babies as Mommy keeps saying.  I keep telling her that I'm not a baby... I'm a big boy, but she doesn't listen.

We went out to dinner with the family.  Here we are with Grandma.

And here we are with our grandparents.  Mommy was making us smile.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

9 Months Birthday and Baptism!

Happy 9 months birthday to me!  Here are my monthly pictures.

Last week Mommy finally let me play with a golf set that Uncle Michael bought be a couple of years ago.  Well, really, it was Daddy who didn't want me to play with it.  He was worried I'd smack everything in the house.

Piece of cake!

Although I like it, I don't use the toy as it was meant to be used.  I push the golf cart around like it's a lawn mower, and I use the clubs as a leaf blower.  Ah well.

Something special happened last Sunday.  I was baptized!  Thanks, Auntie Jen for loaning me Alyssa's baptismal gown!


Auntie Nat is my godmother, just like for Elliot.  Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen are my godparents too, but they couldn't make it.

Here I am with Grandma!


And here's one with the rest of us.

 I was getting sleepy. 

Another one of me happy as a clam from later this week.

It was so hot this week.  After bath, I took off my towels and ran around the house naked.  Mommy made me cover up for this photo.


We went to eat dinner one night with Uncle Mike.  

I also liked riding on my dump truck.
Mommy likes this picture of me.  I looked soo happy.  She loves my toes too!

  Here are more pictures of me.  Since it was warm, Mommy opened the window in my room.  I liked looking out the window.

I'm on top of the world!  Or at least, the table at dim sum.

 Thanks for visiting, Uncle Mike.  Next time please bring our cousins! 
We hope you enjoyed this week's post!