Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Month Birthday! March 22nd-28th

I celebrated my two month birthday this past Thursday and with that, came many visitors.  Before we go to those special guests, check out my new hat!  Mommy and Daddy got it for me to use for the summer months.  It's still a bit big for me right now, but with the rate my head is growing, I'm sure to fit into it soon enough.

Mommy had to go back to work this week.  It was really rough for her on Tuesday.  She was sad and I think she even got teary-eyed when she left.  She also got teary-eyed when she was talking about me at work.  It's hard for her to leave me in the mornings, especially since I'm smiling purposefully back at her now.  I'm even beginning to coo and talk back to my parents when they talk to me.

So Grandma has been taking care of me while Mommy is at work.  She's also been giving me grades for my behavior.  My first day with her (Tuesday), I got an "A" for feeding, an "AA" for my behavior before 2pm, and an "F" for my behavior after 2pm.  What is up with that???  I think she's grading too hard.  How can I go from an "A" to an "F"???  The rest of the week I did much better.  Either that, or Grandma lowered her standards.

I'm much more aware of my surroundings and am beginning to look at the mobile above my bassinet or when I'm in the swing.  I like watching them move.  I guess I used to just look off to the side instead of above my head.  I'm also willing to be placed in the bassinet for a short time now without fussing (while I'm awake) so that Mommy and Daddy can get ready for work or do some task.  They can't take too much time though.  I'd rather be held.  If not, I'll let them know LOUDLY that I'm not happy.  Got to make sure I advocate for myself, you know.

So we celebrated my 2 month birthday by having dinner on Saturday with a lot of family and a small group of friends.  I feel really special because I had family from New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore come over, as well as the local family from California.  I am the MAN!  What can I say?  It's good to be the first born grandchild of the family.  I get all the special treatment, as it should be.  :)

Once we got to the restaurant, the paparazzi followed me everywhere.  I was carried by alot of people I knew and alot more that I didn't know until then.  Between all my great-aunts and great-uncles and all of my newly dubbed uncles (Mommy's cousins), I don't think Mommy or Daddy held me for half the night.  It was a bit overwhelming though, and I started to fall apart in the middle of dinner.  Hey!  I was probably passed around between 40-50 people that night.  I ended up sleeping in the car seat to recover a bit, which was good.   I think I did pretty well considering all the stimuli that was at the restaurant. My great uncles Allan and Richard took a lot of pictures, but we don't have any of them yet.  But here is a picture of me and Mommy's cousins (minus my Uncle Mike, who seems to have been cut out from the picture), and a picture of me and Daddy's cousins.  If Mommy gets those pictures from great uncles Allen and Richard, she may post some here later.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures with everyone who came to the party, but here are pictures of Auntie Rita and Auntie Oanh holding me. 

This one was taken at the end of the night, when we were all getting ready to leave.  We were all tired, but I looked wiped out.

 The next day we had brunch with family who was still in town.  Great Uncle Zadig was leaving that afternoon on a plane trip back to Singapore.  He was running late, but he still wanted to hold me one last time before he left.

Great Uncle Zadig's twin boys also held me the next day when they came to visit again before leaving for New York.  Uncles James and Charles are really cool.  They even play volleyball like Mommy.

Overall, this weekend was a lot of fun.  I met a lot of family I didn't know I had, and I saw some friends.  I was really beat.  Here's a picture of me sleeping while laying down and standing at the same time.  It takes some serious skills to do this.  Until next time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 8 March 15th-21st

This is the last week for Mommy to stay home with me.  She can't believe it's gone by so quickly already.  I think she's going to have a really hard time next week when she has to go back to work.  She's getting as much cuddle time with me as possible.

Oh, this is one of my folks' favorite outfits, so they wanted to take a picture of me in it before I outgrow it.  I look like such a big boy in this picture.

I had a lot of visitors this week.  Mommy's friend Auntie Jan came by to see me.  She's a kindergarten teacher at one of the schools Mommy works at.  Maybe when I grow up, she can be my kindergarten teacher too!  That would be soo cool.  She also rock climbs with Mommy (before she was pregnant with me).  Maybe Auntie Jan can teach me to climb too!

Uncle Lou, Auntie Rebekah, and my new friend Braeden also came by.  I only got a picture with Uncle Lou because Auntie Rebekah was sick and she was feeding Braeden.  Maybe next time when I'm a little bigger, Braeden will be more interested in playing with me.  Uncle Lou was a little nervous about holding's been a while since Braeden was so small.  But pretty soon, they'll all get the hang of it again when baby #2 comes in June.

On Thursday, Mommy and Grandma had a trial run...Mommy was supposed to drop me off at Grandma's house and leave for the day, so that Grandma can take care of me by herself.  Well, by the time I finished eating, burping, crying, fussing, eating again and burping (with diaper changes in between), it was 12p before they left (Grandma decided to come over in the morning and leave with us later).  They bought lunch to go, then ate at Grandma's house.  Mommy then left for 4-5 hrs to run errands and clean the house a bit.  By the time she got back, she was sooo happy to see me.  She really missed me.  Grandma and Grandpa, on the other hand, told her they needed aspirin to deal with my crying and fussiness.  It was the first thing they said to Mommy when she walked through their front door.  Mommy didn't know what the deal was because when she saw me, I was an absolute angel.  :)  Grandma said that I was just showing off for Mommy.  Hopefully they'll have a better time with me next week.

Uncle Jim, one of Mommy's volleyball friends came by also.  He bought me this really cute stuffed bear pull-toy and matching blanket.  It looks really neat.  Hopefully I'll get to use it when I start walking.

Auntie Monnette and my new friend Alex also came by.  Alex is 6 weeks older than me and much more interactive, as you can tell by the picture.  Me?  Not quite.  I just wanted to sleep.  I DID just finish eating after all.  Hopefully Alex and I will get to play together when we get bigger.

Mommy took this picture...she thinks I look a bit like Uncle Mike when he was younger.  Grandma and Grandpa agree too.

Finally, Daddy got a good picture of me smiling.  Don't I look cute?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 7, March 8th-14th

Not much new has happened since I posted last, at least in terms of my overall development.  I'm continuing to grow and am looking around a lot more.  I still have trouble turning my head side to side when I'm on my stomach, though I have done it a few times.  I'm just not very consistent with it.  Some days I like tummy time, other days, not so much.

Mommy and Daddy have noticed a change in how I nap though.  I seem to like to bury my face into them...either in the crook of their arm or on their chest.  They wonder how I can breathe.  I don't know why I do it, but I like it.  Daddy thinks it's because I'm shielding my eyes from the light.  Mommy is guessing that it's easier for me to breathe when my neck is straight rather than slightly obstructed when my head is turned to one side or the other.  But who knows.

We did have some visitors.  Uncle Kenny, Auntie Amelia, and Auntie Beatrice came by to visit during the week.  We only have a picture with Uncle Kenny though.  Mommy interrupted my feeding (I was only half done) when they came, so I wasn't my usual jovial self.  It wasn't long before I got upset.

Told you it wasn't long before I got upset.  Uncle Kenny decided to imitate me.   I think I look cuter though.

During that visit, I introduced both Mommy and Auntie Amelia to projectile vomiting.  Auntie Amelia was next to Mommy when I burped/vomited all over Mommy.  It wasn't my typical spit up.  I was probably about 6 inches away from Mommy and it just flew out of my mouth and all over her clothes.  Funny enough, I had just done that to Grandpa earlier in the day, but Mommy missed that.  He had to wash his shirt while he was here.  I wasn't being jiggled at all either. Who knows...maybe I just ate too much too soon and didn't get a chance to digest it all.  Or maybe I was retaliating from being interrupted during my feeding.

I think I'm closing in on 11 lbs.  We went to Lullaby Lane yesterday so Mommy can get some supplies.  They had a baby weigh scale there and I was 11.06 lbs.  Of course, I had my clothes and diaper on, so we're guessing that I'm just under 11 lbs.  Either way, that's a good sign. 

Uncle Chris and Uncle Tawn visited too!  They came all the way from Thailand and wanted to drop by to meet me.  How lucky am I?  I was one of the few people they visited while they were in San Francisco.

On a sad note, Mommy only has one more week of maternity leave left before she has to go back to work.  I know she's not happy at all about it.  Grandma will be taking care of me (lucky me!!) when Mommy is at work, but I sure will miss Mommy.  I think she's already sad about it...I know she'll be missing me a whole lot.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 6 March 1st-7th

This week I had my one month check-up.  I am moving up in the world of percentiles.  I now weigh 10 lbs 3 oz, am 22 1/2" long, and have a 40 cm head circumference.  Yeah yeah, my head is still really big.  I believe it's in the 90th percentile.  Mommy hopes that my body will grow accordingly so that it matches my head.  I don't think she wants me to be a lollipop for the rest of my life.  Speaking of my head, Mommy and Daddy tried to put me into a 0-3 month onesie wouldn't fit over my head!  They were so surprised.  0-3 months!!!  I'm only 1+ month old and I can't fit that.  I'm blaming the make of the onesie.  It really isn't my head that's too big.  It's the opening that's too small.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Daddy got a gift from his coworker that allows them to make an imprint of either my feet or my hands.  My folks decided to go for the feet, because I always have my hands closed into fists and it's really hard to pry my fingers open.  Here's the final result.  Pretty neat, huh?

Again, a rather uneventful week.  We did venture out to the mall for a quick bite to eat.  Well, mom, grandma, and grandpa had a bite to eat.  I ate from a bottle and did rather well for the outing, until the very end.  I was tired and wanted to sleep but since I wasn't at home, they couldn't calm me down enough.  Once I got back into the car seat, I started wailing.  I wasn't having it and I let them know it.  However, once the car started rolling, I was out like a light.  Gotta love the motion of the car.

On Saturday, I got to meet Auntie Jenn, Uncle Greg, and my new friend Genevieve!  She's 7 months old and very cute!  I can't wait until I get bigger so that I can play with her.

 We went out to lunch on Sunday, so Mommy and Daddy decided to dress me up.  Like my sweater?  My great-auntie Veronica sent me a whole bunch of sweaters when she found out Mommy was pregnant.  I am totally styling in this Burberry sweater.  Mommy thought she'd better put me into the sweaters because they're for one month olds, and she's worried that I'm going to outgrow them soon.

Here I am looking at Auntie Jennifer.   

Another picture of me sleeping...Daddy wanted to show people that I sleep on my hands with my mouth open when I am down for the count. Whatever..I'm still cute.  Until next time.