Thursday, September 5, 2013

13 Months and catching up

I'm 13 months already.  Sorry we've been away for so long.  Mommy has been enjoying her time off from the blog so much that a month went by and we had to remind her that our fans were waiting.  So here we are.

Soon after my 1st birthday, Mommy had to return to work.  But before she did, she took us to different parks.  Here I am driving already.  How cool am I?
Mommy wanted this picture of me because the band-aid made her laugh.  I had a small scratch and I wanted to wear a Cars band-aid, so that's what's going on with this picture.  Band-aids make owies feel better, Mommy.

 This was back at the park at our house the same day.  I try out different positions while I'm swinging.

 One of my birthday presents was a Hello Kitty backpack.  I'm kissing it right now.

 See the backpack?  No?  I can't see it either.  My hair is in the way, for starters.

 I'm moving around everywhere.

And enjoying it.

Before Mommy went back to work, we went to Happy Hollow again.

This time we went with Alex too!

Another day at the park with Mommy.

One day, Mommy took me to a different Trader Joe's.  I was soo happy to be at this one.  They have mini shopping carts!!  It was soo cool.  I helped Mommy buy some pasta.
 Soon after, Uncle Willy and Auntie Karen came to visit.  This is the first time I met Uncle Willy.  I really liked him.  He's one of the few people I willingly went to from Mommy's arms.  Auntie Karen was amazed.

Here we all are together.

Some times when I fall down, I lay around waiting for someone to notice.  Anyone? Anyone?

 The day after we had a get-together with lots of people we didn't take pictures with (oops!), I went with Daddy to another park to meet up with Alex.  Here I am on the play structure.

 And check out this posse.

I really wanted to play with Elliot's roller, so I was pretty content to just lay here like this.

 It's been really warm lately, so after Mommy gets back from work, she takes me to the backyard and pushes me around in Elliot's tricycle.  I really like it.

Maybe I should start wearing a helmet.

  What's so special about this picture?  Well, this is the picture of me sitting on the couch AFTER I climbed up on it all by myself.  Mommy looked away, and the next thing she knew, I was on the couch.  Now they REALLY have to watch out.
 For my parents' anniversary, we went to the Monterey Bay aquarium.  Julia and I have never been there before.  It was really neat.  Here I am looking at sea otters.  They're a lot of fun.


 I was totally entranced by everything I saw.  The sea horses are soo neat!  This was the last weekend this exhibit was going to be there.  Good thing we went.

Daddy tried to take a self-portrait at the end of our trip.  Not too bad.

 Back at home another day and here I am with a pouch.  Yummy.  No wonder Elliot gets all excited to have one.  Now I get to eat them as a snack too!

 Here's a picture of me just as happy as can be.

 We hope you enjoyed our post for the last month!  We'll try to get Mommy to post more often, but it's likely to be monthly.  Check back soon!