Sunday, August 29, 2010

7 Month Birthday! August 23rd-29th

I turned 7 months old this week!  Here I am with my monthly picture.

This week marked a new old routine for me. Mommy went back to work for the whole week and I had to reorganize myself at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  My naps are getting better and Grandma and Grandpa are really enjoying taking care of me.

Here I am in the crib.

Oops!  I fell over.  Well, Grandpa thinks I'm kowtowing. Even though you can't see it here, I'm sucking on my toes.  Hey, it's ok for me to be lazy.  I actually sit much better when the surface isn't so mushy.

See what I mean?  Nice and tall.

I like playing with the toys on my highchair.

On Saturday, we went to visit Auntie Jenne and Uncle Jeff.  They have a new baby named Ryan.  Hey, that's my Daddy's name!  He's about a month old.  Don't I look huge next to him?

Auntie Grace and Uncle Eddy were there too, with their new baby Lucas.  I don't have a picture with him (Mommy was too busy holding the new babies to remember to take one...and no, I'm not jealous), but here I am with Auntie Grace.

They had a scale so there was a "baby weigh-off."  I think I topped the contest at 18 lbs (I AM the oldest), though I'm not looking too happy here.

I did a good job there, as I was able to take a nap in Auntie Jenne and Uncle Jeff's really dark room.  I like it dark.

Saturday means bath time for me.

How U doin'?

Me sitting on my parents' bed.

Finally, a dinner with the family.  I'm munching on a teething biscuit.  It's the first time I'm trying this, but I like it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 30 August 16th-22nd

Mommy returned to work in the middle of this week.  She dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a trial run on Wednesday.  I was unhappy about it and definitely very wary of the environment.  I was better the next two days, but my napping schedule is way off.  Mommy's worried that it will mess with my night schedule.  Hopefully I'll get use to it now that Mommy will be back at work consistently.

A few weeks back I mentioned we went to the Kite Festival.  Here's a picture Mommy found on Daddy's camera.  Too bad I didn't see that big doggy kite behind me that day.  It looks so cool!

It's been a rather uneventful week.  The opportunities of taking pictures of me doing new things decrease now that Mommy is back at work.  But, she DID finish a sweater she made for me.  I think I need to grow into this a bit more.  You can't see it, but there's a hood on the back.  It's the same hood I sported in my previous entry.

This is what I do some times when I'm riding in the car.  Hey, I have to keep myself occupied, you know.

Look what I'm doing now!  And I'm not cheating...Daddy isn't holding the end of the bottle like Grandma was when I was much younger.

We had the monthly get together with some of my parents' friends.  Aunties Rita and Melissa, and Uncles Jim and Phil were there.  Zach was there too although I didn't get any pictures with him on Mommy's camera.

I don't know what it is about Uncle Jim but I was so engrossed by him.  We were having a staring contest.


Here I am with Auntie Rita.  I'm pulling her hair a bit.

I've been doing a lot of these kind of smiles lately.  Mommy and Daddy think I look like Grandpa Lam (photo courtesy of Auntie Rita).

I don't often have pictures with Mommy, so here is one that Auntie Rita took. I look unhappy though.  I was getting tired.  It was getting really close to my bedtime.

Another bath picture for you to enjoy.  Daddy (sigh) is playing hair stylist again.

Sunday was such a nice day.  It was warm (finally) so we went to the park.  It's not often that all of us go together.  Daddy's taking me down the small slide here.  Mommy's done it before with me, so I think I'm getting the hang of it. 

I even got to ride on an elephant!

I think my weird napping schedule is catching up with me (even though I went back to my normal nap schedule this weekend).  I fell asleep before 8pm on Sunday night.

Hopefully I'll get back on a better napping schedule this week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 29 August 9th-12th

This was Mommy's last full week of summer break.  She goes back to work mid-week next week and she is NOT happy about it.  She really enjoyed the time we spent together.

I'm soo much better at sitting on my own now.  I'm even playing with toys while doing it and not falling over.

Looks like I'm hitting Elmo, huh?

Are you ok?

Time to tackle!

I met up with Alex again this week.  This will probably be our last weekday play date for a while since Mommy has to return to work.  Alex is standing already!  Man!  I am SOO behind.  I'm never going to catch up to him.  Mommy is holding me up here and trying to take a picture at the same time (hence the slight blurriness).  Auntie Monnette wanted me to "sweep the legs!" so that Alex wouldn't start walking any time soon.  I haven't watched any movies yet, Auntie Monnette, so I don't know what that means.

Alex says hello, Mommy.

I've got him now!  And yes, my hand is on his butt.  I don't really have great control over my extremities especially when the object of my attention is moving around so much.

Thanks for sharing your book, Alex!  Sorry for barfing a bit on it though.

Yes, I STILL do love my toes.

I really like eating purple yams too.

And peas.

What's that on my head?  It's a hood from a sweater Mommy is knitting for me.  Whew!  Mommy's happy that it fits my head.  It's supposed to be for when I'm 18-24 months old. 

Now that I can sit and pull toys toward me...back to the gnawing.

Look what Mommy found in her laundry basket!  Another baby!  Oh wait!  That's me!  I don't look like I can fit in that at all, unless I'm curled up.

Mommy has half a week of summer break left with me before she has to go to work.  What a bummer.  I like spending all my time with her.  I guess I'll just play with Grandma and Grandpa instead.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 28 August 2nd-8th

This week I had my 6 month checkup.  I'm still in the 75th percentile in height at 27.25", dropped down to the 80th percentile in head circumference (Mommy breathes a sigh of relief), but dropped waaay down to the 40th percentile in weight.  I gained less than a pound from my 4 month check-up, and I'm not even mobile, so I don't know what the deal is.  You'd think with my chubby thigh rolls I was doing ok.  Mommy thinks it's because her nursing supply is lowering, but who really knows.  The pediatrician wants us to go back in 6 weeks for a weight check.  In the meantime, Mommy's going to try to fatten me up.  Did somebody mention AVOCADOS???!!!

I'm doing some aerobics now.

We went to a  playgroup on Saturday.  Mommy joined a mother's club recently and this is the first outing we had.  The playgroups are normally during the time I'm napping.  But my folks decided to wake me up a bit earlier so I can meet the other kids.  I'm a volcano.  Or Mommy would prefer, a teepee.  It was a little chilly out in the park.

When we got home, we played with bubbles.

Well...I just stared at the bubbles then.

I make all kinds of faces now.  Guess what kind of face this one is.  I'll give you a hint.  I just finished eating...

If you didn't guess, it's my poopy face.  Why did my parents take these pictures?  So they could torture me.  SERIOUSLY??? It's PRIVATE!!!  They're so mean!

Have I mentioned before that I squeal now?  Not because I'm happy, mind you.  But to let my parents know that I WANT TO BE PICKED UP!

These pictures though, are of me happy.

This is one of my new friends.  Well, he's been in my crib for a long time, but I've never noticed him until now.  He's waay on the other end.  It's a big little lamb.

Mommy started giving me the bottle at every feeding this weekend.  She's a bit sad because she misses nursing me.  But, she wants me to gain some weight so she's giving up the nursing.  That's too bad because I really enjoyed that time with her.  She's proud of me though, because I'm willing to take the bottle from her now...I used to only want to nurse when it's time for her to feed me.  Her thoughts...'he's growing up so fast".  We'll see if I continue to take the bottle from her during the week. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 27 July 26th-August 1st

As Daddy mentioned in his comments for last week's post, I didn't include my 6 month birthday present from him.  Well, I didn't play with it until the day after, so that means it goes into this post.  So what did Daddy buy me?

A laptop!

I'm not sure I know what to do with it yet, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Mommy normally takes me to the park to walk around (well, she walks, I sit in the stroller).  But this time she thought I should try out the swings.  I'm just relaxing here, not particularly enjoying the ride, though not disliking it either.  Maybe when I'm a bit older, I'll like it more.  It reminds me of the swing we have at home.  Perhaps that's why it doesn't seem much different to me.

We went again the next day.  I like the swing better this time around.  Mommy figured out a better way for me to sit.

I'm definitely liking this jumperoo toy more now. I was going nuts jumping up and down for several minutes. 

I want my own smart phone!

I like shiny objects.  I'm reaching for Grandpa's watch here (though you can't see it).  I must get that from my mommy.  Ooohh..sparkly.

Mommy has been dying to let me try applesauce.  I don't know what the big deal is.  But here is what I think of it.


Guess I don't like it much.  Mommy thinks she may have to try another brand.

I finally met up with Alex again!  My old buddy's nap coincided with mine today.  Yay for us!  Though, as you can see, we're not really paying all that much attention to each other. 

Here, let me help pull you down.

As you can see, I'm sitting up much better now.  I'm not folded over like a taco (much) anymore.  I actually like sitting by myself.  It's just hard work. Mommy can hear me breathing a bit harder the longer I sit. 

Uncle Juan was here also.  He's Daddy's "little brother."  I'm a bit confused, since they look nothing alike.

Daddy put me on his shoulders today.  Look how high I am!!!  Notice the burp cloth on his head?  Mommy wanted to protect him from any drool or worse coming out of my mouth.  :)

 My Great Auntie Leona and Great Uncle Paul are in town for business again.  

I was like a helicopter propeller on top of Great Uncle Paul's head.

Grandma is holding me up in this picture.

I like touching Daddy's goat tee.

We went to the Berkeley Kite Festival on Sunday.  Mommy was hesitant because that would mean I'd miss my afternoon nap.  But I did ok overall.

Here I am intently staring at the kites.

I'm on top of the world!!  Well, up above Daddy anyway.  You can see one kite up there.

Yummy...trying calabasa squash.

It was fun though a little too much for me.  I was overtired and had a difficult time going to sleep in the evening.  Mommy's happy we got out to experience something new though.  We just can't make a habit of me losing my naps.  :)  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!