Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 Month Birthday!!

As the title states, I turned two months old this past week.  Per my check up, I weighed 11 lbs, 6.5 oz (just under the 75th percentile), was 23.25" tall (close to 90th percentile), and had a head circumference of 40.25cm (close to 90th percentile).  I was over the 75th percentile in weight last month, but I didn't gain as quickly this time, probably because the week that Mommy went back to work, I didn't really drink milk from the bottle.  Mommy was soo worried about me (sorry Mommy), but I figured it out by the end of the week (well, more like Mommy figured out I didn't like the taste of frozen milk, so she's been mixing it in with fresh milk to get me use to the flavor again).  Here is my monthly picture!

We had a special guest come visit again...Uncle Chris from Thailand!  He came to visit and meet me!


Hey!  Me too!  I like Uncle Chris!  I talk about him a lot!

Here I am practicing floating on my back in swim class.

 And wearing Daddy's shades.  They might be upside down though.


Why am I wrapped up like a burrito?  Apparently, this is how my parents treat me when they want me to go to sleep.

My parents have a video of me laughing.  Daddy makes such great funny faces and noises.  Mommy said that Elliot didn't laugh out loud for a long time.  Guess I'm giving him a run for his money.

I want to feed Julia again.  Give her to me!
 That's better.

 Grandpa put me down on the play mat and here I am...I rolled onto my side!

 This past weekend, I went on my first BART ride.  It wasn't very exciting since I just slept through it.  We went to San Francisco to see Uncle Mike (he's in town for Fleet Week, whatever that is) and some things called the Blue Angels.

Here I am with Uncle Mike.  I like his blue uniform!

 I have a picture with Uncle Mike too!

And I have a rare picture with my Mommy!  Hi Mommy!

 Mommy wanted to take a picture of my lashes.  They're not as long as Elliot's, though they are pretty long so far.  Mommy hopes they'll be as long as Elliot's.

 I like showing Julia how to play with things.  I am the big brother after all.
 It was a very fun weekend, but very busy, which is why the posts are late.  Sorry.  This upcoming week will be busy too.  Stay tuned!

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