Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 38 October 11th-17th

This week was special.  It started off with Grandma's birthday and towards the end of the week, it was Mommy's birthday!  Here I am with Grandma and her birthday cake.

She wanted me to blow out the candles with her.  I've never seen candles before so I didn't know what to do.

The day Mommy had off, we went to a pumpkin patch with Daddy (he took the day off!), Auntie Monnette, and Alex.  We were supposed to go to Half Moon Bay, but there was a lot of traffic so we turned around and went to a local patch instead.

Like our costumes?  Alex is supposed to be the boy from the book "Where the Wild Things Are."  Auntie Monnette made little claws and knitted his tail.  Cool, huh?  You'll probably be seeing me in this costume for a least until something called Halloween comes.

My gums are itching so I'm going for the zipper here.

I'm beginning to understand "hi" and "bye".  After Daddy or Mommy waves my hand, I do it by myself some times in response.  I even open and close my hands a little.

I get to eat Ritz crackers!  Man, are they yummy.  I totally reach for them when Grandma or Mommy shows them to me.

I'm growing out of this bouncy chair.

Friday night we had dinner for Mommy's birthday.

Here I am pissed off that Mommy wanted to take a picture of me in this outfit.  This was right before I launched myself head first off the couch while Mommy was adjusting the camera.  Mommy was quick and caught me right before I hit the ground.  Daddy was stunned that I almost hurt myself (and that Mommy wasn't paying attention).

 On Saturday, we went to Meagan's red egg and ginger party.  Mommy and Daddy were impressed that I didn't cry with all those new people there.  Here I am with the guest of honor.
Ooh, a strap to try to eat.
Me and Uncle Darren.  I was just closing my eyes here.

Oh, and the elusive Uncle Eddy (he's Lucas's daddy). and Lucas.  I like his ear.

This is the picture Mommy got right before I smacked Lucas in the head.  Sorry Lucas!  Both Auntie Grace and Daddy were surprised.  I REALLY don't have it out for Lucas, truly I don't.

On Sunday, my folks had a BBQ get-together to celebrate Mommy's birthday with friends that they haven't seen in a while.  Here I am with Uncle Phil.  Last time he saw me, I think I was 4 months old.  He's going to be a daddy next year!  Congratulations!

Here's Uncle Stephen and me.  Maybe he can teach me how to snowboard when I get bigger.
So a couple of stories...I've been rolling over from my back to my stomach a few times, but I've never shown my parents.  They'd just find me sitting up some times after they last left me lying on my back.  Well I finally decided to show them today.  And yes, I am complaining about it.

An hour after my parents put me to bed the other night, I started crying.  When Daddy came in to check, I was standing up holding onto the crib rail and crying.  I guess I couldn't get back down. 

Later that night, they came in to check on me again and found me in this position.  It's a dark picture because they didn't want to wake me up.
Apparently, some time during the night, I had rolled onto my stomach, sat up, but fell back asleep like a taco.  My parents were laughing at me.  Sigh.

Grandma left on Thursday to go to Hong Kong to visit Great Grandma for two weeks!  I'm going to miss her (and I hope Great Grandma is feeling better)!  That also means Grandpa is taking care of me all by himself!  Oh-oh. I hope I behave well for him.  I will keep you informed on my behavior.


  1. Elliot, your costume is so cute. I love the sounds you get up. Doesn't mommy and daddy know how heavy your head is? Come and visit again soon. Alyssa misses you.

  2. Elliot is so cute in his costume! He's definitely getting mobile, the fun's about to begin.

  3. See, I LOVE the videos! :) Too, too cute and funny, especially how he "complains" about it, haha!

  4. Yes it's been a very busy week, and witnessed another 'first': sitting from laying on his back! Can't wait til Halloween...I hope he doesn't get scared by the other kids in costumes.