Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 37 October 4th-10th

 Hello again.  This week was pretty low key, but we did have some visitors!

I found a new place to sit!  I get to see through the bars to look at Grandma, yet still be able to turn around to look at other things.  Of course Mommy is bracing me here...I still fall backward some times.

Hello Mommy.

 Check out my messy hair.  This is what I look like after struggling to get up from my tummy to a sitting position.  I told you it was hard work.

Now that I'm teething, I'm looking to bite more things.  Daddy called me an anteater here.  I don't know what ants are though.


I really enjoy bath time.

I'm also getting better at pulling to a stand.  At my house, Daddy lowered my bed, so I can't reach the top of the rail, but at Grandma and Grandpa's...

We had dinner with Auntie Nathalie on Friday.

After dinner, we went to Diddams and Mommy put these hats on me.  I'm not sure I'm ok with them.

Mommy bought me some balls to play with from Diddams.  I've got three here in my crib.

On Saturday, Great Uncle Tom, Great Auntie Chivvy, Auntie Tara, and her new baby sister Chelsea came to visit. Can you believe that baby is my aunt??

 Me and Auntie Tara. She's a really good sharer.
Here's a picture of me and Mommy.
And a family shot.  We match with all the brown!
I figured out that biting this teething toy makes it vibrate.  Now that I'm biting harder, it's a lot of fun.

Sunday was nice. We just hung out at home.  It was such a nice day out that we sat in our front yard.

I'm trying to get the ball here.  Notice I'm pulling the blanket toward me?  I may not want to crawl, but I DO know how to use my environment to my advantage.

 Mommy has the day off tomorrow (Columbus Day).  Maybe we'll go somewhere fun!


  1. The two mom/baby pics are two of my favorites! And love the outdoor pic of E going for the ball.

  2. The bath video is adorable! And he's getting really good at pulling up. You know, some babies don't ever crawl, they just go straight to walking. Love the family pics!

  3. So many cute pictures! And I agree, I love the bath video--more videos, please!!! Oh, and I also agree that I love the Sabby/Elliot brown ensemble pic (and the family pic too, of course). The messy hair pic almost looks like a different baby, and the chewing crib pic looks like he's a little crazed, haha! Great post!