Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 36 September 27th-October 2nd

What's new this week?  I'm cutting my first tooth!  Mommy felt the bump on my lower gums on Wednesday.  She frequently checks my gums anyway, but did that day because Grandma and Grandpa said I was just cranky after waking up from my afternoon nap.  When Mommy told them I was cutting my first tooth, Grandma and Grandpa both said, "Ah, that explains it" and they promptly "forgave" me for being cranky.

I'm on the verge of crawling, or so Mommy thinks.  I'm going for this ball and you can see my feet trying to propel me forward.

I'm also able to get up from my tummy to the sitting position now, though it's not quite easy.  It took me about 7 seconds this time, but typically it takes longer.  I have to drag my heavy head along the floor and I complain all the way up.

Here I am in Zach's old Winnie the Pooh hat.  Mommy found it recently, as she was looking through some items to return to Auntie Melissa for her next baby.  I don't fit it well at all.  Look what I'm subjected to by my parents.  -sigh-

Speaking of Zach, he turned two years old on Friday so we met up for my parents' monthly gathering on Saturday. Happy Birthday Zach!

He really likes playing with me.  He's playing with my fingers.

Sharing his toy ball with me.

And poking my chubby cheeks.

 He's eating all my peach too!  That's ok, I don't mind sharing.  I think he's going to be a great big brother.

 Here's Auntie Rita making fun of my cheeks.  Who's laughing now, huh?

 On Sunday, we met up with 2 out of the 3 July babies.  I don't have a picture with Lucas (he might still be mad that I stole his sock), but I do have one with baby Ryan and his parents.

Daddy is holding baby Ryan here.  Auntie Jenne is finally holding me for the first time.  Too bad I wasn't happy.  I was getting cranky since I was waiting for so long (about 45 minutes) sitting so nicely in my booster to see my friends.  It's not surprising that I got upset.

I'm raising my arms much more frequently now. 

Mommy wanted to get a picture of me with a collared shirt/onesie on.  She thinks I look so big here.

Well, another week passed by.  Time is moving so quickly.  We'll see what the next week brings.


  1. Zach really enjoyed having you over! And he wants to thank you for the nice birthday gift! You should come over more to train Zach for his new baby sister. ;) And congrats on the new tooth, hope it pokes through soon!

  2. What an exciting week...cutting tooth, sitting up from the tummy position, and possibly crawling soon. Time to baby proof our house!

  3. The pics with Zach are so cute. Elliot did such a good job sharing :) I love the sitting up video; it's so funny how he drags his head along, haha!