Sunday, October 31, 2010

9 Month Birthday and Halloween! October 25th-31st

I'm 9 months old this week!  Can you believe that?? Here I am for my monthly pictures. I'm not super happy about it at all.

 This is what I think of your paper, Mommy.
Grandma also came home this week!  Yay!  I missed her, although me and Grandpa were good to each other this week.  I've been giving everyone a harder time during my naps.  Like last weekend, any time someone puts me into the crib to sleep, I automatically get up and pull to a stand and bounce.  It's making it difficult for my parents and grandparents to get me to nap.  I think they might have to resort to holding me in their arms so I can fall asleep there first, or they have to nap with me.  Muhahaha!  Little did they know that THAT'S what my plan was all along!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was cutting my first tooth.  Well, unlike most babies who get one or two bottom teeth first, I decided to buck the trend and am growing three teeth in at the same time!

Here I am eating a Gerber puff star.  Not the smoothest moves, but I'm getting there.

I got a new hat!  Mommy is trying to exercise, so she bundles me up when she jogs.

On Friday, I went to work with Mommy.  They have a Halloween parade at one of her schools, so Mommy dressed me up. Grandpa was nice enough to come get me after the parade was over so Mommy could work.

Here I am with Auntie Natalie, Auntie Jackie, and Auntie Amy.

Mommy said I did really well because I didn't cry at all...even when all these people came up to me to poke my cheeks or say hi.  I was really entranced by all the kids.

Saturday I went to visit my buddy Alex.  Here's Uncle Brian holding both of us.

We were chatting up a storm too.  Our parents don't know what we're saying.  It's our secret language.

On Sunday we had brunch with Grandma and Grandpa.  I was happy to be eating.  My grandparents said I look just like Daddy when I smile.  Something about smaller eyes or something like that.  Mommy's bummed I don't look more like her.

Since it's costume time, that means it's my first Halloween!  We went to the Hillsdale mall to check out what trick or treating events were over there.  There were lots of people, but here are the two most important people in my life.

Finally, I'm getting really good at pulling up on the side of the couch.  Oops!  Mommy caught me again!
I'm not totally crawling yet, but I am doing something Mommy calls a "Quasimoto" crawl.  I'd lean forward onto my hands, plant my right foot under me, push up on that leg so my butt is in the air, and drag my left leg (still bent under my butt) forward.  I haven't yet figured out how to get my left foot planted.  Maybe Mommy can get a video next time.

Let's see what happens next week.


  1. Elliot, you're growing up so fast!! It's ok that mommy doesn't understand your secret language. Your Uncle Mike does. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

  2. You look adorable in the costume! Just wait till next year when you discover trick-or-treating and candy!

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  4. Of course your Uncle Mike understands that secret language, Grandma and Grandpa only got him to stop speaking it a few months ago...

    Love the costume. And the eating!!! Time to get some char sui bao!!

  5. Yes, pretty soon we won't be able to stop him! It's terrific fun right now.

  6. As always, LOVE the videos! He looks too cute in the first one with the teeth. And he's an overachiever already! Don't take after daddy and Uncle Willy though and become a workaholic MechE...I don't think your poor mommy could handle it ;)