Sunday, July 28, 2013

51 weeks and unassisted standing!

I'm 51 weeks this week and there are a lot of pictures in this post. Hi everyone!

 Mommy put me here. It's kind of fun!



I'm pretty strong now.  I pushed Elliot's tricycle over.  Now I'm inspecting the damage.


Look what I got my hands into at Grandma's house.

 Grandma was letting me try a golden kiwi.  It was yummy.  When I finished the half, I started yelling for more but I didn't get any.  I got upset about that.

 Hey, maybe we can be a family duo, Julia.

 Last weekend, I went to Great America for the first time to celebrate Genevieve's birthday (as well as a belated one for me).  Here we are on a couple of rides together.

There was a play area where it had this digger.  After Daddy showed me how to do it, I wouldn't leave.

 Here's a slide I went down.  Peek-a-boo!

I got to take a picture with Snoopy too!

Here are a couple of pictures of Daddy and me on rides.
This was a roller coaster ride.  The first round, I was great.  The second round, I cried the whole time.  This picture is obviously of me before.

 Well, lucky you, Elliot.  During the week, Mommy takes me to the park, as always.  Some times, I just like to check out the scenery and chill out.

 Other times, I get tired.

Speaking of tired, I guess I didn't take a good enough nap at school so I fell asleep on the way home.

 On Friday, we had a play date with Aidan and Alex.

 It was fun to play with Alex again.

Mommy introduced me to peaches a few weeks ago and now I LOVE them. 
I love blueberries too.  I just put four into my mouth.


 Look what I'm doing more and more often now.  Standing without holding onto anything!  I'm also getting better at pushing myself to a stand off of an elevated object on the floor (versus pulling myself up on something).

 Grandpa was trying to get me to take my first step.  Sorry.  Didn't work.
This is me after I shoved a big piece of peach into my mouth.  Yummy.  Seems to be a common occurrence nowadays.  What can I say?
We hope you enjoyed the pictures.  One more week and Julia is going to turn 1!!

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  1. Julia, LOVE your face in the facial tissue picture.... it's like, "I wonder who made that mess?" Continue with innocent face.. :)

    We can't wait to see you next week! We're excited to see all of you!