Sunday, July 14, 2013

49 Weeks and into everything

I'm 49 weeks old and as the title states, I'm getting into everything.  Doesn't this look familiar?  Apparently, this was something Elliot liked to do when he was my age.

 I'm soooo happy to eat!!!

Now that I'm mobile and pulling up on things, Elliot's not too happy with me.  Here I am with his tricycle.

 I wonder what's in these bins...

 Look at these magna-tiles I like to fling around, Mommy.

Mommy found this skirt that she thought I should try on.

What you don't see here is that I just crawled out from under that chair.

We went to Happy Hollow again and look what I'm doing!  Excavating dinosaur bones!

Of course, I had to ride my favorite ride.  This time I went on the fire engine.

 One day we were waiting for Auntie Karen to come so I decided to drive.

 Mommy took us to CuriOdyssey too.  This is the most time I've spent at this area.

 I'm making buildings.

There's a little playground outside CuriOdyssey.  Look at me!
Now that I'm bigger, I get to ride on the big swings at the park by our house!
It was a lot of fun this week!  Hope you enjoyed the post! See you again soon!

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