Sunday, July 21, 2013

50 Weeks and no naps

I'm 50 weeks old this week and I got included in some fun.  Normally I'm napping when Elliot gets to play on this, but lately, I've been resisting my naps.  And look at the result!  I should resist my naps more!  I didn't want to get up when it was over.

 I've been getting into Elliot's books too.  But it's hard to read with my hair in the way.


  We forgot to post this a few weeks ago.  It's Big Red at Carsland!  I was soo happy to meet him.

I like going to the park with Mommy.

 A reason why Mommy takes me to the park is to wear me out so that I will nap.  Whatever the reason, yay!

When Julia finally does sleep, I get to have Mommy time.  Here I am showing her my milk mustache.  I look funny!

Sorry for the short post!  We'll take more pictures next week.

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