Monday, July 8, 2013

11 Months and a special visitor

I'm 11 months old this week.  Here are my monthly pictures.


This paper says I'm 11 months old.  I concur.


We have some pictures to put up from last week's trip that are just trickling in.  Here is the first one of our whole family.

Uncle Mike took this picture of me and Daddy on the caterpillar ride.  You can see aunties Nat, Colleen, and baby Joshua behind me.

The last day we were in Arcadia, we met up with Great Uncle James and Great Auntie Cindy for breakfast.

Now that I'm mobile, I try to get into everything.

I'm leaving behind a trail.


See?  Into everything.


Auntie Karen came all the way from Boston to meet me.  Well, actually, she came to visit a lot of friends, but I say she came just for me.

That's not true, Julia.  She came to see me.  See?  She's reading me a story from the book she bought me.

One time I wanted Mommy to hold me.  Julia did too.  So Daddy thought Mommy could hold all three of us.  I wasn't too happy with Daddy though.  I was trying to push him away.  Mommy's not strong enough to hold all of us, Daddy.

I like being silly.

I see you, Mommy!

Sorry for the late post.  Mommy forgot what day it was and when she did remember, it was really late and she was too tired to help us post.  Hope you enjoyed it though.

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