Sunday, June 2, 2013

43 Weeks and new development!

I'm 43 weeks old this week and as the title says, there's a new development.  I can finally push myself up to a sitting position from my tummy!  This happened over Memorial Day weekend and my parents are thrilled.  I still don't use it to my full advantage though.  When I end up on my back, I don't always remember that I can turn over onto my tummy and get up from there.  Ah well, I'm sure I'll figure that out soon enough.

Here's a video.

Here I am playing with a rattle I found, as well as Elliot's golf cart.

I also play with his backhoe loader.  Elliot is willing to share with me...most of the time.

Grandma took me to the market one day, but on the way back, I started fussing.  I wanted her to hold me but it was still a long way from home.  So Grandma ended up putting me on top of the shade facing her as she pushed the stroller with one hand (while holding on to me with the other hand).  Apparently, I was content with this (I didn't want to face the street).

Hi everyone!  If you look carefully, you'll see that I have a baby in my tummy.  Well, really it's just my two lovies stuffed underneath, but I pretended that it was a baby.

One night Daddy left his phone in my room after putting me down for the night.  It had an alarm later in the evening and that really scared me.  So Daddy had to sleep with me.  However, it took me a while to fall asleep and every time Daddy moved, I pushed him down with my hand.  We both fell asleep like this.  What can I say?  I had to make sure he wasn't leaving.


Another day at the park and I'm getting bored with the baby swing.  I'm much happier standing up in the swing though.

On Saturday, we went to Kyle's one year birthday.  Mommy was trying to take a picture of me, but I moved around too much.

Check me out cruising in this ride!

When I behave, I get lots of stickers...even if I'm the one who puts them on me.  :)

I told Julia that Mommy's off work now.  She'll get to spend more time with both of us.  Yay!  Can't wait!

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