Sunday, June 23, 2013

46 Weeks and Visitors!

I'm 46 weeks this week and we had a lot of visitors for Grandpa's 70th birthday.  But first, a picture  of me.  Look where I ended up.  For those of you familiar with my place, there's a step down I had to maneuver to get to this room.

One day Mommy took me on a playdate with my old school friend William.  He doesn't go to my school anymore, but we had a blast together.

 This is the first time that Julia and I sat in the shopping cart together.  She was so happy to see me next to her.  I was pretty happy too.  Cool that Costco has a big enough cart to sit together.

We went to Target another day and I didn't want to sit in the front with Mommy, so I ended up here.  I was super happy.

One night Mommy went out to watch a ball game, so Daddy and I took a picture to show her what we were eating.  Don't we look alike?  Even down to the way we smile, says Mommy.  Mommy loves this picture.
I stayed home with Mommy the next day, and we went to the park around our house.  I made a new friend, though I don't know her name.  I kept calling her "Hey!"

Uncle Michael and his family came to visit for Grandpa's 70th birthday.  Here I am with him.


He holds me up in the air and says "Supergirl!"

I'm playing with Alyssa.  Do you see Julia crawling over from the side? She wants to play with us too.

The next day was Grandpa's birthday celebration.  Here I am with Great Auntie Susanna and Auntie Jen.

And here I am being silly with Alyssa!

I finally got a picture with my other godparents, Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen!

Don't I look happy with Daddy?


Hi birthday boy, I mean, Grandpa!  Happy birthday, Grandpa!  This was towards the end of the night and I was getting tired.

Here's a shot of Mommy with our grandparents and uncle and auntie.
Great Uncle Richard took more pictures so I'm sure we'll get more in the next few weeks.  There were also a lot more guests that we don't have pictures of. Happy birthday again, Grandpa!  Stay tuned, next week's post will be jammed packed!

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