Saturday, May 25, 2013

42 Weeks!

I'm 42 weeks this week.  Mommy forgot to post these pictures a few weeks ago.  So I haven't been great about drinking my bottle.  I like to swat and push it away when I get bored.  So Grandma came up with this solution for the time being.  She doesn't do this anymore, but it worked for a little while.

Last week Sunday, we went to a red egg and ginger party for Justice.  He's Genevieve's baby brother.  Here is all of both of our families together.  Elliot doesn't look too happy.  Vivi doesn't look happy either, but she was sick.

 I'm not extremely mobile yet, but I do like to pull on things to get up.  I'm kneeling in this picture.  I normally can only do that when I have a good grip on something, like this box.


 Some times I ask to wear Julia's hair clips.  And when I do, my parents ask me to pose.

And pose I do.

 Like I said, I'm not super mobile, but I do get around in my own way.  I started off in the middle of the mat and I ended up here.  I kept peeking at Mommy.  Peek-a-boo!

It looks like I'm crawling but I'm not.  I have one leg still under me, while the other is in the correct position.  I can't quite figure out my other leg yet.

But I do go for what I want, Michael Jordan style, whoever that is.
We hope you enjoyed this week's post!


  1. Love that pic of you playing peek-a-boo with mommy! You are about to reach that milestone of crawling. Elliot you are being a pretty pretty boy again.

  2. Wow, I don't check for awhile and Julia's so big now! I think Elliot would make a cute girl. :)