Monday, February 4, 2013

26 weeks!

Look at me!  I'm 26 weeks now.  Grandma left me on the couch for a second and here I am, almost about to fall down.  I'm getting kind of mobile now, so we're going to have to watch me more carefully from now on.


This picture is after Grandma set me back upright.

Sorry fans.  Apparently, this is the one of three pictures of me this blog, and I'm barely in the other ones. Oh well.  I was in a lot of pictures last week. I'm getting more comfortable in the water during swim class.  It helps that I have my favorite loader with me.

Mommy set up this toy between our living room and office, since that's the only place that has a ledge to hang this toy.  I'm not sure Julia likes it much, but I enjoyed playing with the make shift platform behind her.

 Mommy's been trying to get me to do more tummy time.  Many times, I'm quite lazy.  I just lay on my tummy and lay my head down.  On this occasion, I started crying and my awesome big brother came over to comfort me.  I promptly stopped crying after that.



Although I'm not truly mobile, I do move around when I'm playing.  I did start off in the middle, and now I'm kind of stuck.  Help!

 More tummy time for me, and I seem happy here. 

Can you guess what I'm about to do here?  I rolled over onto my back.  I don't do it well by myself though.  Mommy has to prop me up onto my elbows.  As I mentioned previously, I just would prefer to lay my head down on the mat.  I also rolled from my back to my tummy two times, but that's also a rare occurrence.  Mommy says it's about time...apparently Elliot was able to roll onto his tummy back when he was 17 weeks.  What can I say?  I'm a delicate flower.

Here's a video of me just getting bored with the whole tummy time business.

Here's a video documenting this momentous occasion.

Like my smirk?

Check out this new toy I have.  It's actually a hand me down, but I was rather entranced by all of the things to play with.

Like my 49er onesie?  I got it from Shirley, the lady who took my 2 week infant pictures.  Can you believe I can fit it now?  Go niners!  Too bad they lost the superbowl, whatever that is.  Is there a small bowl too?  Maybe next year.
Both Elliot and I are going in this week for our 3 yr and 6 month check ups respectively.  We'll fill you in on details in the next post.


  1. Oh my, Julia you are starting to be more mobile, how exciting! One day you and Elliot will be running around like Alyssa and Elliot was doing at Grand Aunt Leona's house, not too long ago.

    Elliot, I'm so proud of you for keeping at the swimming class and getting more comfortable with the water! We will go swimming together one day soon!

  2. LOVE that picture of E comforting J! So, so precious!