Sunday, February 24, 2013

29 Weeks and hey dude!

Julia is 29 weeks old, but let's start with me.  Like my slippers?  Well, they're really Mommy's slippers but I thought I'd put them on.

After dinner one day, I wanted to eat some fruit (my favorite type of food!).  I couldn't wait for Daddy to peel the apple so I thought I'd take a bite.  I always see my Mommy eat an apple without peeling so I thought I'd try too.  I ended up eating the meat and spitting out the skin before Daddy took it from me so he could peel. 

We got this toy from Auntie Elna...she's a neighbor on our street.  I like playing my saxophone for Julia.

 Don't I look big in this picture?  It's not a very flattering angle.

 Look, Elliot is making sure I don't fall back while I'm sitting up.  How nice of him.



While Mommy was trying to get a picture of us, Elliot was getting antsy.  Me?  I was going for Elliot's bread.  Let me try some!!

 This is how my parents keep me from falling some times.
Mommy wanted to get a picture of me pouting.  Daddy scared me with one of his electric drills so I wasn't too happy.

Grandma was playing peek-a-boo with me.

We had a play date at Meagan's house. I really liked playing with her vacuum cleaner.

 Hey Dude!!!  Like my glasses?

 Meagan and I had a lot of fun exchanging sunglasses.

This is me again but raising three fingers.  I couldn't quite figure out how to do it like I did earlier.

Elliot's toys are yummy.

We hope you enjoyed the pictures for this week.  I think Mommy made up for not taking pictures of me last week.


  1. Elliot, you're being such a good big brother! Will you keep Joshua from falling too? You've got the makings of an awesome eldest cousin. Especially with those sunglasses. Too cool for school... :)

    Julia, love the pic of you trying to steal a bite of bread from Elliot. So funny!

  2. ElLiot you are such the H K star with those shades. Julia you always make me smile with that gummy grin of yours. What a fun week!