Sunday, February 17, 2013

28 weeks and Chinese New Year

I'm 28 weeks old this week and we celebrated something called Chinese New Year.  

All I know is that I get these yummy red envelopes to munch on.  I really like this picture of us and my grandparents.

I had to Bai Leen to my grandparents, now that I'm older.

Here I am with Grandma.  Happy New Year Grandma!

 Grandma is hiding behind me.

I can kind of move around.  I initially started out on my back in the middle of the mat.  When Mommy came home from work, she saw me here and was surprised.

 When Mommy picked me up from school one day, she saw me getting gas for my ride.

Great Auntie Veronica, Uncle James, and Uncles Stephen were in town briefly.

 Here's a picture of all of us at once.

 Mommy was trying to get a picture of me sitting up, but I kept moving around.

Hi there!
 Hehehe!  I like my feet!

I also like my finger.
 Finally, since I'm getting better at sitting up, I'm beginning to play with toys that way too.  Mommy is sitting behind me though, making sure I don't fall backward.  Thanks, Mommy!

Mommy realized again that she didn't take very many pictures of me.  Oh well, guess that goes with the territory since I had a lot of pictures already from before.  See you next week!


  1. Julia I love that picture of you sitting up and balancing with your feet up in the air! Gorgeous smile Baby!

    Elliot I see you everyday but I still don't see enough of you. Tell Mommy to take more pics of you!

  2. Whoa, Julia! Looks like you're definitely getting mobile now. Pretty soon you'll be running around the house with Elliot! That'll be fun to see.

    Auntie Colleen and Uncle Eric and cousin Joshua are looking forward to seeing you next month! ... so long as everything goes according to plan, that is!

    You are ALWAYS so happy looking! It's infectious because it brings a smile to my face too :)

  3. Love the picture with your parents, what a great shot. Both of the kids are getting so big! I'm sorry I've been a bad blog follower lately. I really, really want to come out for a visit but not sure when we can swing it. Virtual hugs to all of you in the meantime!