Sunday, November 4, 2012

3 months old, 33 months, Halloween, and Truck Festival!

I'm 3 months old this week!  Look at me!

Mommy likes this picture of me because of the close-up.

Last weekend we went to baby Milo's red egg party.  Here's one of Mommy's old friends, Uncle Kevin.

Great Auntie Helen and Great Uncle Ed were also there.  They are Auntie Adrienne's parents.


I was tired on the way back, so Mommy thought she'd take a picture of me.

Mommy forgot to mention (again), but I'm now 33 months old.  Look at me!  I'm wearing Daddy's socks!
Why did Grandma put this pillow on me?  It's not like I know how to roll yet!  I'm obviously not happy about this.

Happy Halloween!  I got to go trick or treating for the first time!  I can't believe people just give out candy. 

Grandma stayed home with Mommy and Julia, but she wanted a picture with me when I came back.  The rest of the week I kept asking Mommy to go trick or treating.
I'm definitely getting better with this tummy time business.  I don't even get to practice much too!

I don't just like wearing Daddy's socks, I like wearing Daddy's shoes.

 And Mommy's too!


I'm pretty calm in this picture.

There was something called the Truck Festival that Auntie Monnette told Mommy about.  Thanks, Auntie Monnette!  It was a lot of fun.  I rode and drove a school bus.

 I got to drive this big truck too!

They had little cars for me to ride.  Mommy said I was too big for this car, but I wouldn't leave the area without getting in.

And a jeep that this girl's mom had to push around.  Thanks, lady!

There were bubbles to play with.

And I painted a wooden car Mommy bought for me, which apparently I can't find at the time of this writing.

By the time we got home to pick up Daddy for lunch, I was hungry.

While Mommy went to get groceries, Daddy let me play with the camera and here's a picture I took of myself.  Not bad, huh?

While I wasn't in any of the pictures, I also went to the Truck Festival with Mommy and Elliot.  I was asleep in the baby carrier.  Later that same day, we went to Meagan's house.  Here's Auntie Terry holding me.

I was pretty much lounging around eating their food like I OWN this place.

Here I am again with Daddy's shoes.

Great Uncle Tom and Great Auntie Chivvy came to visit and meet me.

Remember Auntie Tara? She's 6.5 years old now and we had a lot of fun together.  She's reading to me here.

Mommy wanted me in my green bow so she took this picture of me.

I'm so lucky.  Mommy and Daddy bought me this big giraffe today!  How soft!

Well, I want it too, but I know it's Julia's.  At least I can play with it though.

We hope you enjoyed all these pictures!  This week was full of fun!



  1. Love your smile Julia! You're getting big fast. Elliot, I'm jealous of all your adventures I hope you take me along with you sometime! Aunt Colleen and Uncle Eric miss you all! We will see you soon!

  2. Julia you are so beautiful! Elliot, you are growing fast and getting very active; I hope I can keep up!