Sunday, November 18, 2012

15 Weeks!

 Julia is 15 weeks old this week, not that it means anything to me.  Mommy took us to CuriOdyssey on Veteran's day.  There were a lot of animals around for me to pet, but I didn't want to have anything to do with them.  I was perfectly happy playing with this foam air tunnel.  I had a TON of fun!  Sorry for the blurry picture.  Mommy is still getting used to her new camera.

On the way back to our van, I wanted to sit in my old car seat.  Since Mommy was carrying Julia, she put me on the car seat and rolled me back to the van.  I think I'm too big, but it was nice not having to walk.

 The secret is out!  Mommy caught me pulling on this ring all by myself.  She was getting some lunch ready for herself before feeding me, and while she was in the kitchen, she heard the music playing.  She rushed over and saw me pulling on it and had to take a picture.  Guess we all (including me!) now know I can do this on my own!

 Muhahaha...what are my plans to take over the world?  Wait!  That's not original!??!  You're telling me Elliot had a picture like this too??!!!  Hrumph!

 Along with my planning on taking over the world (or not), I like to multi-task.

I've been doing a lot of gnawing on my fingers.  I think I have a few fingers in my mouth now.  I normally shove about 4 of them in there.  What??  It helps me think!
Mommy's very sorry that there are only a few pictures this post. It was a busy work week for her. While I can manage typing, taking pictures is all my parents' responsibilities.  Next week there should be more pictures, as my folks tell me that we're going to visit family!  Yay!


  1. Julia I think you are starting to teeth! Be careful of those fingers, as you'll discover they can get hurt if you bight down to hard. Elliot, I want to go back to CuriOdyssey with you next time!

  2. Julia, you're such a great multitasker! Your mom was horrible as a kid at multitasking. Your mom did play with toilet water. I think Elliot needs to teach you how to do that. That's what good big brothers teach their younger sisters.