Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 weeks and jumpy houses!!

 Julia is 12 weeks old this week.  Look at me!  I'm helping Mommy make cookies.  Is this what a whisk is for?  I usually use it as a microphone. 

 Look at my mask!  It's really my pants on my head, in case you weren't sure.  I started off by putting my arms into the pant legs.  Daddy did the rest.

I can't see!  Guess it doesn't matter since I'm asleep anyway.
 I'm pumping with Mommy's pumps this time.

I'm relaxing on Daddy's chair.


I'm a happy baby!  We're on our way to a birthday party for one of Elliot's daycare friends.

 Daddy changed my hair bow so that it could match my pink sweater, but now that it's off, I should be wearing the purple one in the picture above.

 I wanted to wear Julia's bow too!

We're at Pump It Up!  It's a place full of jumpy houses!  Look at me coming down this big slide!  It was sooo fun!

 I got stuck in this car.  Hrumph!

 Here's one of my friends, William!
 cream cake!

Here's a picture of my feet.  Mommy wanted Daddy to take a picture before they got really big.
Apparently there are more pictures of Elliot this week than me. I guess I'll have to do something about that for next week.  See you next week!


  1. Love that pic of Julia's feet! We'll need to take one with both Julia and Elliot's feet together! That pic with Elliot pumping is hilarious! The jumpy houses were definitely lots of fun...chasing after Elliot, that is.

  2. Julia, I love your feet. I remember when Alyssa's feet were that small. Tell your mommy to stop favoring your brother and put up more pictures of you. Actually, it doesn't matter b/c I just want you both to visit. Alyssa misses you two.