Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 12 April 12-18th

Mommy had this week off for spring break, so she got to spend it all with me.  She was looking forward to this week ever since she went back to work.  I was very happy to spend all this time with her.  I think she's going to go into withdrawal again when she has to go back to work on Monday.

We went to visit Auntie Monnette and Baby Alex this week.  Alex is 6 weeks older than me and a couple of pounds heavier.  But I'm catching up.  He's more active than I am, but at least I'm awake in this picture, unlike the first time we met.

Hey!  Don't poke me!  Talk about invasion of space!  Just wait until I'm more aware!  Then it's game on!

Look what I can do now...well, not without help.  Mommy propped me up on my arms and I looked around for a little bit during this "tummy time" episode.  It didn't last long though.  I don't really like tummy time at all.  But I'm definitely better about keeping my head up and moving it from side to side.

Oh, did I mention that Mommy knitted this sweater?  I think I can still grow into it, but it fits pretty well so far.  Yeah, I know the light green clashes with the light blue, but we were at home and Mommy thought it was cold in the house.  I'll have to give her some fashion pointers.

 One of the principals at Mommy's school gave this shirt to me.  I don't really get it though.  I'm an Advanced Beginner?

Here are some other photos of me.  As I mentioned before, I'm definitely more smiley now.  This onesie was the first thing Mommy bought when she found out she was pregnant.  She didn't know my gender yet but thought this was neutral enough.  She also guessed that with a due date of February 1st, that I'd fall into the "Aquarius" sign even if I was a bit early or a bit late.  She was right.

 Here I am sporting this onesie in our living room. 

 Uncle Gordon came to visit.  He came by to take some pictures of me and to make another pinhole camera with Daddy.  He takes some really cool pictures with those pinhole cameras.

Check out my Kung Fu moves...though I didn't know that I know Kung Fu.  Ah whatever, I look like I know what I'm doing.

Mommy mentioned in the previous blog that I found my hands, or mainly, my right hand.  Aside from staring at it, this is my next favorite (or maybe it's my favorite) activity to do with it.

And last but not least, this is the onesie that Daddy registered for.  Mommy was soo embarrassed when she took this onesie out of the gift bag from her coworkers.

Until next time...


  1. Love all the smiles! He'll just get more and more fun from here on out...

  2. LOL at the kung fu pose and the boobie t-shirt, love 'em both, hahaha! He is so much more alert now, so cute.

  3. yes, the mmm...boobies was my idea. Proud of it! You got some mad kung fu skills Elliot. Nice job again on the sweater! I know it was one of the first ones you made, and Elliot finally gets to enjoy it!

  4. alex says sorry for poking you in the face. his right hand isn't such a great listener yet. he also says you're supposed to say "one million dollars" when there's a pinky next to your mouth!