Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three Month Birthday! April 19th-25th

Mommy returned to work this week.  It wasn't as rough for her to leave again as it was when she finished her maternity leave, but it was still hard.  She thought I was an angel last week and was sad to have to return to work since she enjoyed me so much.

I forgot to mention...last week Mommy went into a baby store with me in the Baby Bjorn.  I think I startled another customer there because even though I was sleeping, I let out a few good laughing fits.  Apparently, my sleeping laughter sounds very high pitched.  The lady had a funny look on her face and looked up to find out where the sound came from.  When she realized it was me, comprehension dawned on her face and she smiled.  Mommy thought the whole thing was funny.  She asked me what I was dreaming about to make me laugh out loud.  Who knows, Mommy, who knows.

What else is new?  Well, on Monday night, I slept for 7 hours straight!  I went to sleep around 11pm and didn't wake up at all until 6am!!!  Both Mommy and Daddy were so surprised and happy.  But of course, on Wednesday night, I woke up every 3 hours again.  Mommy and Daddy thought I was turning the corner, but I fooled them.  I have to keep them on their toes, you know?  But they're saying to each other that they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Whatever you want to say to make yourselves feel better, folks.  Hehe.  I don't know what the big deal is.  What's wrong with waking up every three hours?

I'm also more aware of my surroundings.  Here's a picture of me staring at a toy from my gym.  I used to just look left and right and not pay attention to the toys. 

Mommy has been helping me practice bat at toys. She'd take my hand and hit the toy with it.  Well low and behold, I'm doing it on my own now.  Just the other day I couldn't even do it.  Daddy got some video of me purposely batting at a toy, but we'll only post a still shot of it here.  It doesn't look like it, but I really did hit the toy.  So exciting!  Now if only my left hand will follow suit...we could do some serious damage together.

Auntie Jun and Uncle Mark came to visit me this week on Tuesday.  Auntie Jun was explaining to Uncle Mark why babies need burp cloths.  He didn't realize that we burp up milk.  Well, I decided to demonstrate all over Mommy right when Auntie Jun finished explaining to him.  He was rather surprised and probably a bit grossed out.  Ah, just wait until they have one of their own.

The end of this week signified my three month birthday.  Auntie Soojung and Uncle Danny also came to visit me on the day of my birthday.

I thought I'd give Auntie my "how u doin?" smirk.  I'm slick that way.

 Another recent (and I mean recent) development.  I found my other hand!  Mommy had just put my two hands together yesterday so that I could feel them, and today, I did it on my own!  Daddy said that I was playing with them for a while.  Little do they know, I was planning to "take over the world!"  Muhahaha!

Finally, Mommy wanted me to work on my left hand's grasping skills.  She's been trying to get me to grasp this ring, but whenever I do, my hand would just slip right off.  This time she got me to put my fingers around this ring and I held on.  I couldn't take it off for a while, so my arm was stuck here for a few minutes. As you can tell, I was concentrating so hard, I was drooling.

Anyway, it seems like this week was rather momentous in the amount of changes that I am going through.  My folks are very excited for more new developments.  I'll keep you posted!


  1. Wow, he's growing up so quickly! Love the smirk! We gotta do our get-together before he gets much bigger.

  2. Hurray, i got to this post before Karen! Yeah, I see him growing so much even on a daily basis. And my arms are getting a good workout every time I hold him now. He gained almost 2 lbs in about 18 days, that's over 1.5 oz a day!

  3. Hahahaha, Ryan, better build those pecs up, they get A LOT heavier.

  4. It's so cool hearing about how he's learning and growing! And how funny that he laughs in his sleep, too cute :) Hopefully the STTN will start happening more often, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    I didn't know we were racing to post, Ryan (haha)! I've been so slow lately what with the new job and all. I'll just have to bookmark your and Zach's blogs on my work computer to keep up better.

  5. Three months already? Oh, dear... time flies doesn't it? The second to last photo is precious. Such a contented expression.