Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 11 April 5th-11th

Another week has gone by and I'm definitely more social now than I was before.  Mommy and Daddy are enjoying talking to me since I'm cooing right back at them.  I'm getting really loud with my cooing too.  And my smiles are coming more and more frequently.

I thought I'd relay a story about Mommy's sleep deprivation.  It happened a few weeks ago.  During one of my middle of the night diaper changes/feeding incidents, Daddy got up to help me out.  When he put me back down, Mommy asked him, "How's the baby?"  Daddy responded, "he had a poopy diaper."  Mommy then asked Daddy, "did he eat the whole thing?" to which Daddy, confused, asked "What?" Mommy then repeated her question, "did he eat the whole thing" and Daddy then said, "you're not making any sense."  Mommy then said, "ok" in a sing songy voice and dropped the matter.  Mommy told Daddy the next day when they were laughing about it, that when she was talking, she knew that the words coming out of her mouth did not match what she was thinking in her head.  She was asking whether I drank all the milk in the bottle, even though somewhere in her mind she knew that's not what Daddy was talking about.  And that she finally just said "ok" so she didn't have to try to talk and explain anything in her confused state of mind.  They both thought it was hilarious.  According to Daddy, it's one of the few times Mommy's been so confused and tired that whatever she said didn't make any sense.  I guess it's a common occurrence for parents of newborns.

I had my two month check-up this week.  I'm now 13.1 pounds, a little less than what we measured fully clothed at home.  My head continues to be in the 90th percentile, while my weight and height are around and in the 75th percentile respectively.  I got two shots that day and I wasn't happy about it at all.  But I was brave and I only cried for a little while.  Mommy was able to calm me down soon after.

Because Daddy thinks I'm getting pudgy, Mommy asked Daddy to take a picture of the rolls on my thigh.  Mom!  That's a private matter!  They figured that sooner or later, I'd outgrow the pudginess and they'd miss seeing the rolls.  As Mommy says, this is the only time where it's perfectly fine to be fat.  :)

Another thing my Mommy wanted to document were my feet.  She wanted pictures of them before they got "big and ugly" as she said.  I think they're cute myself.

I'm beginning to track really well now.  My grandparents get a kick out of talking to me from far away to see if I can see them, and then moving to another part of the room to see if I'd move my gaze over to them.  I also recently discovered my hand.  I can be found staring at my right fist right in front of my face.  I think it's a little too close though, because I frequently get cross-eyed while looking at it, even though you can't quite tell here.

I also recently found my feet while sitting up on Mommy in a new position.  Whenever my foot moved, it'd catch my eye and I'd stare at it in wonder.  And when my other foot moved, that would catch my eye and I'd stare at that one.  Who knew I had feet?  And that they'd look like monkeys!

One last thing...I've been playing with my saliva making bubbles.  All good fun.


  1. Funny sleep deprivation story! And it sounds like he's right on track with his development. He's definitely looking very alert in the pictures.

    Enjoy the baby pudginess! They're so soft and squishable right now. He'll quickly lose most of it when he starts moving.

  2. Elliot, in the first picture you look like your grandpa (my dad). In the last picture you look like me! In most of the other pictures you look like your mom. I'm enjoying every moment of pudginess as I know I won't get it back once it is gone.

  3. Oh my goodness, those pics are too too cute! Love the stories of him discovering his hands and feet :) And you already know I love the sleep deprivation story, LOL!