Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 10 March 29th-April 4th

Whew!  As mentioned in the previous entry, last weekend was super busy with lots of family.  I think I went into withdrawal from all the people holding me, because now I REALLY don't want to be put down.  I think I got used to being held ALL THE TIME by my various great aunts and great uncles.  Poor Grandma...she's the one that has to deal with that during the day.  She said my grade was lowering because I am so needy.

Poor Daddy is feeling the effects of many nights of little sleep..he's sick.  Sorry Daddy!  I don't mean to wake up every three hours or so.  We're both pretty tired in this picture.  It looks like I feel asleep mid way through crawling up onto Daddy.

I'm due for my two month check-up but it'll come two weeks late.  Oh well.  Mommy is guessing I weigh at least 12 lbs.  So she decided to get on a scale by herself and then get on it again with me and subtract the difference.  It's not exactly accurate, but it says I'm 13.5 lbs!  That really surprised Mommy.  She started putting away some of the newborn onesies that I'm outgrowing and bringing in the ones to fit 3 month old babies.  Here I am in one of those outfits.  Not sure you can read it, but the tag says, "Here comes trouble!".  Mommy thought that fit me really well.

Mommy frequently looks at older pictures of me and compares them to how I look now.  She is constantly amazed at how quickly my looks change.

 This is me a little over one month old.  I'm definitely a lot bigger now.  But Mommy comments most about my face.

 Great Auntie Leona and Great Uncle Paul were in town again for business.  They got to play with me again.  I was pretty fussy though so they took turns to give Grandma and Mommy a break.

After being really fussy, I finally got tired out.  Apparently I tired Great Uncle Paul out too!  Can you find me?

We'll see later on this week how my check-up went.  I heard from a little bird that I'm due for two immunization shots.  I'm not happy to hear about that at all.  Maybe Mommy will give me a treat or something to make up for it.


  1. He definitely has grown a lot or more like filled in a lot. ;)

    Immunization shots.... yeah, they're tough. One thing my previous pediatrician suggested was squeezing the area where they're going to get the shot right beforehand so they don't feel the pinch as much as they're still feeling the blood rushing back. Don't know how well that worked since their reactions are always a little delayed anyways. But usually Zach cried only for a minute or two and then just gave the doctor the evil stare afterwards. Stay calm and good luck!

  2. I think you look great in your dinosaur outfit...'here comes trouble' is right! At least you were smiling in this picture.

  3. I agree, his looks really have changed. So cute, with all that hair :) It's weird, but he actually looks a little like Cadence in that onesie photo.