Sunday, May 12, 2013

40 Weeks and Mother's day

I'm 40 weeks old this week. 
Grandma's been taking me out to the park.  I think I'm digging this swing.

 Here's a picture of me and Grandpa.


Auntie Nathalie came over for dinner one night.  I wanted to hold Julia so Mommy made me hold Julia this way.

Hello, Julia!

I'm showing Julia how to work Daddy's old phone.


 Mommy caught me playing the laundry basket.  What you don't see before is that I was flinging all the clothes around.  This is what's left.

 As a result, when I fell over, she didn't pick me up but took this picture of me laying on the floor.
Normally we don't post anything that happened on Sunday since I end my week on Saturdays (we save it for the next week), but since it was Mother's day, we thought we'd post. Here I am with my Mommy.


Mommy wanted a picture of me and Julia with her...her two babies as Mommy keeps saying.  I keep telling her that I'm not a baby... I'm a big boy, but she doesn't listen.

We went out to dinner with the family.  Here we are with Grandma.

And here we are with our grandparents.  Mommy was making us smile.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

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  1. Such a precious day on Mother's Day! Both Elliot and Julia gave Mommy and Grandma roses! Definitely nice pictures to help remember the day!