Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Months and lots of pictures of Julia

 Happy 7 month birthday to me!  Here's my monthly picture.  In fact, this post is mostly pictures of me.  Yay!

 This is what I think about your piece of paper Mommy.  Yum yum!

I was really happy during my photo shoot.

Do you remember Elliot wearing this ducky pajamas?  I think I look better in it.

 Hey!  How did I end up in this basket?  Ah well, I'm pretty content any way.

 You're in the basket, I'm on your chair.  I think I still fit this.

Mommy took me to the mall over the week.  Here I am with my pants up.  I noticed earlier that the mannequins showed off their legs so I wanted to do the same.

 I'm getting a lot better at sitting up on my own nowadays.

I'm sitting in the swing for the first time today!  My parents took us to the park and I really liked being on the swing.

I like being on the swing too, but this is soo much more fun.  Too bad you're so small still, Julia.  Otherwise, you would be able to go down the slide like me...backward!

 Woohoo!  I don't mind (too much) falling on my head either.  I definitely had a blast doing this.

Mommy took a lot of pictures of me...mainly because she realized that there weren't many pictures throughout the week, so we had to make up for it on the weekend.

Mommy bought the game Candyland.  This is the first time I'm playing it with my parents.  It's a lot of fun!

Here's an impromptu picture of the two of us that Daddy took.  Mommy thinks Julia looks like a boy, and I'm looking skinnier with my new haircut.  Ah well.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures this week.  I hear we're traveling next week.  We'll see where we end up!


  1. Absolutely love the impromptu picture. Nice catch, Dad!

    Elliot, you are extremely silly and Uncle Eric LOVES that about you :)

    I can't believe how quickly you are growing Julia! that picture of you sitting on your makes you seem so much older. Traveling soon huh? Maybe we can go the same direction! ;)

  2. Elliot that video of you on the slide backwards keeps me smiling! Julia, each time you smile, I fall in love all over again! And I think that was my first time playing Candyland myself!