Sunday, March 31, 2013

34 Weeks and relaxing

It was a pretty relaxing week.  I'm 34 weeks old and here are a few pictures of what happened this week. First off, I'm still not crawling yet nor do I seem to want to crawl, but I am going for what I want.  I was sitting up but then something caught my fancy.  Mommy caught me going for the straps of the ergo.  I like to put everything in my mouth and straps are a favorite.

This is me after waking up from a nap and nursing.  Such rosy cheeks I have!

Great Auntie Leona and Great Uncle Paul are in town again for business.  They bought me this piggie hat.

They got me this husky hat too!  Thanks!

Here I am playing with them.


Since I'm sitting so well, I get to play with more toys now.

 While you're sitting and playing, I'm relaxing in my old digs again.  Mommy thinks I look funny since I'm so much bigger than the chair now.  That's fine by me.  I like it.

Here's a picture of me holding Julia and Julia holding me.  I wanted to give her a hug and she ended up giving me one too!  I think we're going to be best friends!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures.  It was a relaxing week so we didn't do much.  Sorry the post is short!


  1. Julia, you really don't have to learn to crawl anytime soon! I know that we all will run out of breathe keeping up with you once you do. Elliot, you are such a great big brother to your little sis!

  2. Lovin those rosy cheeks, Julia! And love the last picture as well.

    Elliot, we need to get you a big boy chair! Maybe something cars-themed... hrmm??