Sunday, March 17, 2013

32 weeks and a trip to see the Blue Angels

Hello all.  I'm 32 weeks old and this week, we had some special guests visiting us, as well as a special treat.  Get ready for lots of pictures!  Daddy was playing hairdresser.

First off, and most importantly, we finally got to meet Cousin Ashley! Here I am with Alyssa and Ashley.  Daddy was making us laugh in this picture.

She's so small compared to me, even though I'm not that big either.

Alyssa and I had a lot of fun playing around.

Uncle Chris and Uncle Tawn came to visit again.  This is the first time Uncle Tawn met Julia.


Here's a picture of my feet.  Why, you ask?  Why not, is what Mommy says.

I like crawling around some times.  Here I am going through Julia's toy.

My parents said "no" to me about something so I started pouting.

I have no reason to pout.  I'm so happy!

Look at my new hat!  Grandma bought it for me.

Here I am with my friend Jaylen at school.

The main thing about this week was that we went down to El Centro to see Uncle Michael and the Blue Angels!  How cool is that?  I am soo ready to go!

Again, I'm happy as a clam, even though it's about 12am right now.  That's when we finally made it to the hotel.

Here I am trying on Mommy's hat the next morning.


 Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen made us these cool shirts.  Mine says #8's niece.  It's soo neat!  These are the shirts we got to wear to watch the air show.

Mommy borrowed these headphones from her work.  Good thing too, because the Blue Angels were super loud and then I wouldn't be able to enjoy my snack.

 It was sooo hot.  95 degree weather.  And man, these headphones are tight!

Here's a picture of us (just added after initial post) and #s1-8 of the Blue Angels. Too bad I didn't look at the camera.  Hey!  Mommy's necklace was much more interesting!

After we came home, Mommy wanted to take some pictures so she asked Daddy to, while she made me smile.

Mommy really likes this picture of us.

Grandma wanted pictures too.

 More pictures of us the next day with Great Auntie Susanna with Joshua and Grandma with Ashley.  I forgot to mention that we are the Dragon babies!

There's Uncle Blue Angel #8 Michael!

Uncle Eric decided to hold both Joshua and me.

Here's a picture of the three oldest cousins.

And then one with Auntie Nat and Uncle Mike.

And of course, our grandparents.  We're missing Ashley, as she's still sleeping.
Oh there she is!

And, as Uncle Eric named us, the Rule Makers.  Though, I am, of course, the head Rule Maker since I'm the oldest.  It was really hard to get all of us to look at the camera.

More pictures of the family.
And one of me and Great Uncle Jeffrey and Great Auntie Annie.

Here are a couple pictures of me and Baby Joshua.

Alyssa and I had a lot of fun.

Our last day together, we were best pals.

We hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  I'm sure there will be more to come as Great Uncle Richard was there too, and he always takes a lot of pictures.  Whew!  What a weekend.  I think we need a vacation.


  1. Such an awesome, busy, HOT weekend! Seeing all the Rule Makers together was especially a treat!

  2. Julia, loved that shot with Mommy and you+headphones = squished cute cheeks!

  3. Funny enough, a weekend to see the Blue Angels and we don't any any pics of the Blue Angels!! haha.

  4. Elliot and Julia, thank you so much for coming down to El Centro and visiting. Alyssa and Ashley had so much fun seeing you two. Auntie Jen and I loved it, too! I can't wait to see you two again. Ask your mommy and daddy to visit Pensacola and your daddy can get some pictures of the Blue Angels. We miss you!!