Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Catching up--Early April

Lots have happened in the last few weeks so I'm trying to catch up on a few posts.  Wasssupppp????

Great Auntie Veronica finally came to visit me.  She's been wanting to do that all year, but has been so busy with her business.  Thanks for flying to see me!

That's my Uncle James that I'm sitting on.  I don't really like being on anyone's shoulders.

 The Wongs came to visit again.  Well, they were here for business, but I say they really came to see me.

Remember this hat?  It barely fits.  When Mommy took it off, I had this red line across my forehead.  It's a 4T-5T hat too!  Maybe Gymboree makes small things, yeah, that's it.  I look like a ranger, don't I?

Did I mention that my head circumference is off the growth curve?  Mommy and Daddy decided to see where my head circumference would land on the chart.  Get this, my measurement at 12 months was bigger than a 2 year old at the 75th percentile!  And that same measurement meant my head was as big as a 3 year old between the 50-75th percentile.   And that was 2 months ago!!!  NUTS!

Guess what happened again?  Yup, I got stuck.

Oh, I got this for my birthday.  I'm not sure I like it though.  I tend to just walk up to it to press the music button.

Mommy bought this book for me.  I really like it.

Stay tuned for more updates.  I'm working hard on the blog.  Bye!


  1. Elliot, I miss you already!! Tell your mommy and daddy to come down and visit your uncle. I can't wait to see your Hong Kong blog. Alyssa misses you, too.

  2. YAY! an update!!! I like the lil jive you do when you hear the music from the book :P

  3. Don't worry, E, your body will catch up with your head eventually :) But you do have to stop trapping yourself under the barstools, haha!

    Keep up with your wiggle-wiggling!

  4. Big head = big brains! So says Zach. Love the dancing. You look so much older already. That baby fat seems to be melting away. Just don't loose those big cheeks too quick. They're scrumptious!