Sunday, March 27, 2011

14 month birthday! and other things

Happy 14 months birthday to me!!  Can you believe I'm that old already?  Mommy and Daddy can't. It's been rather uneventful in terms of visitors or places to visit.  Even the paparazzi has slowed down in following me everywhere.  I've been so busy getting into things.  Did I tell you I broke 3 of Grandma's plates and Rocky's water bowl?  I like to fling things.

Mommy found this "hat" of hers at Grandma's house.  I was pretty content to wear it, at least until it fell off my head and then I didn't want it back on.

My parents decided to give me a haircut.  WARNING!  BEWARE OF BAD HAIRCUT!  Mommy started off at the back, decided that I was moving too much and moved to the top...a place that she can manage easier.  Daddy decided to try his hand at the front.  Mom warned him not to cut straight across and Daddy said he knows.

So here he is.  Once Mommy saw what he was doing, she started crying.  She couldn't believe what Daddy did to my hair.  Daddy didn't know what was wrong until Mommy said it was too short.  Mommy kept saying sorry to me.

I think my new name is Friar Elliot.  I don't know what that means though.

It's uneven, but Mommy wouldn't allow Daddy to cut any more off.  Mommy ended up trimming the sides later so I don't look so much like someone named Spock.  When Grandma saw the haircut on Sunday, she was very upset.  Oh well.  Hair grows back.  And I'm comfortable with my looks that I can sport any look.  At least, that's what I say.

On a happier note, I like to wiggle wiggle wiggle when I'm happy.

Here I am after I got up and walked away from Daddy when he was changing my diaper.

Mommy and Daddy also let me go down some slides.  Here's just one video of one of the slides I went down by myself.  Since it's the first time I've been down by myself, I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it.  There were a couple of times though, that Daddy saw me smiling.

We went to Costco to run some errands and look what I got to try!

Just kidding...though Mommy did let me try some relish (pretty tasty) and I got to eat some of the bun.

I also got to see my cousin Alyssa and Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen again!  I'm much more interested in her this time around and she's definitely more aware of me than 6 weeks ago when I saw her last.

I liked playing with her and she was talking a lot to me.  I just didn't understand what she said.  I also am better at giving kisses (head bumps).

 Mommy was trying to get a picture of me to mark my 14 month birthday, but I was moving around too much.

With all the rainy weather, I've been cooped up for a while.  Sunday was dry for the most part, so Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk.  I had to bundle up though.

I'm getting so good at walking too!

Until next time.  Hopefully it won't take me a month to post again.


  1. It's amazing even for me to see the progress E has made these last few weeks! It's so much fun to be a dad, watching him grow! Well, except for the occasional friar hair cut...I'm not allowed to ever cut E's hair again. Maybe all for the best.

  2. Elliot, did you know that Uncle Mike got your mommy that gold hat? It looks so much better on you. Maybe you can convince your mommy and daddy to visit and we can go to the place where I got that hat so you can have another one. Alyssa misses you and thanks you again for the kiss. That was so nice of you. I hope to see you soon, this time in Hong Kong!

  3. Go, Elliot, go! Wow, you're really motoring away now, I'm so impressed! Love the mouse ears too. Next step: learn how to kiss for real. I don't think the ladies are going to like headbutts so much when you get older :)

    Did you really cry over the haircut, Sabs? Cuz I laughed--hahaha, can't help it, sorry! Maybe as payback you should let E cut Ryan's hair--hahahahaha!

  4. Hahha, aw, that haircut brings back good memories. Hair grows back and quickly. And I second Karen's suggestion. Elliot should totally get to cut Ryane's hair... when he's older, after he sees this post.

  5. wow e, look at you go! hope we can go to the park together after you get back from your big trip. you and alex are going to have some adventures together!

    and i third karen's suggestion. but scissors aren't safe for you. you need to use something safe to cut daddy's a butter knife.