Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-April Trip to HONG KONG!!

As you can tell from the title, we went to Hong Kong.  I told you it was a busy few weeks.  The flight there was a little hard on me and my parents.  I cried on and off the first two hours.  Hey!  I was overtired and very stimulated!  But once I was off the plane, I was as happy as can be.  Get ready for lots of pictures!

We went mainly to see my great grandma.  She's 93!  Isn't she beautiful?  I didn't cry when I first saw her but I was clinging Grandma tightly when I was being introduced.  We have four generations here.  I don't know what that means, but Mommy says it's special.

This picture is when I was more comfortable with her.

We did a lot of visiting in our short trip, though I don't think we have all the pictures to show it.  I'll do my best here.  The first night though, we were all jet-lagged and were awake at 3am. Everyone was trying to tell me where to go.
Did I mention that it was warm in Hong Kong?

We stayed at Uncle David and Auntie Eri's place and I was more than comfortable in their place.  Thanks for letting us stay there!

They have doggies too!  Much smaller than Rocky.  Here I am with Milky.  She was nice and wanted to play with me.  She doesn't run away from me like Rocky does.

With all the visiting, I was bound to fall asleep at dinner some time.
And again at another dinner.  Look at my hair.  I was so sweaty.

Mommy is so mean by taking this picture.  Everyone apparently got a kick out of it.

How do you like my new hat?  I think I'm styling here.  Mommy and Daddy got it for me when we went to the mall one day.  Mommy says I look like someone named Jason Mraz.
I like doing the downward dog pose.  Gotta exercise, you know?

Here's a picture with my Great granduncle and Great grandaunt.  We went to feed fish one day with Great Uncle Allen and Great Auntie Kaman (not pictured here). 

That night we went to a restaurant where we picked our own seafood and they cooked it for us.  What is Daddy holding??!?!?  It's almost as big as me!!

Don't pull on my hair, Alyssa!

We also went to dim sum with Granduncle and Grandauntie Chu.  They are friends of grandpa. Auntie Lydia was there too.

The most fun I had though, was when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland!  I was happy and dancing around.

I don't know why this dog is so big!  Mommy says his name is Pluto.

Here I am with Auntie Natalie and this flying elephant.  I don't understand it.

But I'm digging this ride!  THIS is more like it!  "Cruisin'...on a Sunday afternoon."  Where did that come from?

It was very tiring, so I passed out.  Alyssa had the same idea.

I have my OWN Mickey Mouse hat now.  Remember I wore Mommy's a couple of months ago?  By the way, I DID have to get the adult sized hat, in case you were wondering.

The parade was interesting to see.  I kept looking at all the things moving by and I liked the music.

I also got to take pictures with some animals named Mickey and Minnie.  I got a kiss from them too!

Mommy really wanted me to play in this water area, so after the pictures, we went.  Here, Mommy is showing me what's going on.


I quickly learned what to do on my own.
Where to next?  I don't mind being wet at all.

Mommy got in trouble though...I was supposed to have my shoes on.  But she didn't know, and she only had one pair of shoes. Oh well.

The last day we went to swim at Great Auntie Veronica's place.  They have kids pools in the building.

Daddy kept saying "ouch" here. I don't know why.
Sigh...Mommy's at it again.  She took this because the diaper was so full of water, it was about to fall off.

And a last picture of my cousin and I on the last day.

At the airport, Great Uncle Eric and Great Auntie Veronica wanted a picture with me.  What can I say?  I'm popular.

Mommy said on the flight home I was much was easier for me to fall asleep so I wasn't cranky.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!


  1. Elliot, what a great trip!! Alyssa had so much fun hanging with her cousin. Can't wait to do something like that again! We miss you.

  2. Hahahahaha at the adult Mickey hat! Love it! What a great picture with your great-grandma, E; that IS really special.

    The sleeping picture with the sweaty hair is too cute, and I love the one of Alyssa tugging E's hair too. Lots of great hair-related pics in this set. See, mommy, it's growing back fine :)

    The hat is definitely stylin'!

    Hong Kong Disneyland looks fun! Love the water video, heehee!

  3. Love the sleeping pics! And that full diaper is hilarious! Glad you liked the fountains. Maybe you can go with Zach one of these hot days. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

  4. That looked like alot of fun with the water Elliot! :)I like your clothes and apparel. Very fashionable!