Sunday, March 6, 2011

13 months birthday!

Hello all.  I turned 13 months old at the end of February!  No more monthly pictures, but I do have some photos for your perusal.

I'm getting better and sturdier with my walking.  This was taken a week or so ago.  I'm much more stable now than shown here.

Did I mention that I growl at the vacuum cleaner?  It still scares me, but whenever I walk by the hallway closet where that monster is hidden, I growl at it...but only when the closet door is open.

We had a play date with Genevieve on Sunday.  She's so cool.  She let me play with all her toys.

The best thing was her ball pit.  Well, it was her pack and play filled with balls.

I really enjoyed relaxing in it.

Did I mention I like yogurt?

I also still enjoy my baths, though lately, I'm not as willing to go take a bath.  Maybe I'm scared of going down the drain.  I also like to splash.  Last time Mommy got all soaked because I was splashing away.

Sorry this post is short. I'm much too busy exploring so I don't have as much time to post.  Until next time!


  1. Elliot, you're so mobile now!! Auntie Jen, Alyssa, and I love watching you walk. Alyssa wishes she could start walking. Now, remember to do what your mommy did when she was your age and keep playing with the water in the toilet. It looks really cool when you flush the water and it swirls around. We'll see you soon!!

  2. Great job on the walking! And, grrr, bad vacuum!

    As for the bath, maybe time to use the normal bathtub and get some big boy bath toys? I think Zach moved out about this age. Though we still have a hard time getting him to take a bath at the end of the day though he enjoys it when he's in there. It's probably cuz he knows it means bedtime is coming up.

  3. Hahaha, glad you got a sampling of the vaccuum growling recorded, it's too funny! I really thought it was Rocky the first time I heard Elliot doing it, hahaha!

    That ball pit looks like so much fun; it was always my favorite thing at Chuck E. Cheese. Love your cute yogurt mustache too :)

  4. So cute. I always enjoy seeing the pictures and videos. The growling thing is too funny. Can't wait to get back to the Bay Area and see Elliot again. Oh, and his parents, too.

  5. I've tried and failed to post a comment twice already...maybe 3rd time's a charm.

    Yes, E quite the mobile 'toddler' now...oh my gosh...we don't get to call him in infant anymore?