Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 23 June 28th-July 4/5th

Sorry for the late post.

This week was a flurry of activities and meeting people.  But first, look at what I'm doing.  Well, I'm kind of sitting on my own, but as Auntie Monnette calls it, I'm folding into a taco because I don't have enough trunk support yet.  But I did have fun doing this.  Mommy has a video where I'm sitting up like this for a little while, only to fall sideways onto my face.  My folks thought it was funny...and it seems that I did too.

This week marked my first Independence Day.  We drove down to southern California to visit Mommy and Daddy's families.  Mommy was apprehensive about the drive down, since I don't like being in my car seat for extended periods of time.  Our drive down to Camarillo (where Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen live) on Thursday night was overall good.  I took my two naps and I didn't really get too upset in the car.  Mommy reports that I did rather well, considering it was the first road trip I've taken.

Most of the pictures that follow are pictures I took with family who has either never met me before, or have seen me once when I was really young.

Our first stop after seeing Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen was to visit Great Uncle Kai.  He's my Grandpa Lam's best friend.  I never met Grandpa Lam, but Great Uncle Kai is always asking after Daddy to make sure he's doing ok.  He's family.

He was so happy to meet me.  He was very excited. I figured I'd give him a really good grin.  When I smile this way, Daddy thinks I look like Grandpa Lam.

The next day we had dim sum with some more of Daddy's relatives.  Here's a picture of Great Uncle James and Great Auntie Cindy.  They didn't meet me when I had my two month dinner because Great Uncle James was sick.  I'm glad he's feeling better now.

We met up with Great Uncle Sing Bak (the guy on the left) and his wife and son.

The next day was July 4th.  We had pancakes (well, Mommy and Daddy had pancakes.  I just sat in my car seat) with Daddy's cousins.  From left to right, Auntie Kelly, Dad, me (duh), Auntie Beatrice, and Uncle Quinn.

Auntie Beatrice LOVED my pudgy legs.  She took a picture of just my legs and my feet.

Mommy's relatives had a barbecue.  Here is a picture of me and Great Auntie Susanna.  She's Grandma's youngest sister.

Here's a  picture with Great Auntie Lin.  She's a family friend, but Mommy has known her for years.

Finally, a picture with my Uncle Jonathan and his mom, Great Auntie Susanna again.  Uncle Jonathan is the one I mentioned in my last post where Mommy thinks I look like him when I was wrapped in a towel.

Oh!  Here is a picture with my Auntie Jen.  You can see Uncle Mike in the background.  Auntie Jen is getting huge.  She's got my future cousin in her tummy.

I think I did pretty well overall.  I met lots of new people and I didn't get too anxious meeting them.  In fact, I held it together all weekend and smiled at everyone (even strangers!) until the end of the night, when there were so many people wanting to meet me. I couldn't really handle all the stimulation and my folks had to put me to bed earlier.  Oh well.  Sorry.  Props to Uncle Eric, Great Uncle Richard, Uncles Jeffrey and William, Great Auntie Annie and Great Uncle Jeffrey.  I didn't get to take pictures with any of them.

Just some final silly shots.  I look like I'm jumping!  Talk about AIR!


The trip back home on Monday was a bit rough for all of us.  I only took one nap and boy, was I cranky.  I'll admit it.  I was fussing like no tomorrow.  We had to stop quite a few times just so that I would stop screaming.  Mommy was tired and worn out from trying to entertain me with books, rhymes, toys, etc.  She ended up getting carsick and she told Daddy that they needed to switch roles and SHE had to drive.  Sorry Mommy!  Hopefully I'll be better next time.


  1. I love those 'jumping' shots! And great job selecting E's outfit, so adorable!

  2. Nice pics! He's so smiley. Sucks about the fussiness though, it sure makes long car drives tough. Maybe it's time to fly?

  3. I LOVE THE PICS!! Jack has the same pj's, the I'm in Charge ones, and I love those! Mine started sitting like Elliot a couple weeks ago, and then now, they are doing more upright sitting, but they topple a lot. I love reading your blog b/c mine are just a few weeks ahead of Elliot and sometimes right with him! They just discovered feet this last week. I want to see him so badly. He looks like you and Ryan. I miss you! Come to Chicago! We have four seasons!


  4. I like Mel's suggestion of plane travel--and if you go anywhere with four seasons I lay claim to you first since I've been asking forever! :)

    Love the pics of Elliot sitting up and "jumping." So fun! What a lucky boy, having so many aunts and uncles who want to meet you (me too!). Sorry the car ride home wasn't so pleasant, but he'll learn!

  5. Looks like someone had a busy promotional tour schedule. All those stops to make and pictures to take!