Sunday, January 13, 2013

23 weeks and low key week

 It was a low key week for us, which was nice because we all had to readjust from all the partying from the week before.  Here are some pictures of us from last week that we got from other people's cameras.  

Mommy really likes this picture of Uncle Mike and me.

 Here's another one of all three of us.

 Before that last day, Great Uncle Allen came to our hotel room and took pictures of me. 

 I think  I was by the fan here, which is why my hair is all over the place.

 Some more pictures of me all dressed up in my tuxedo for the wedding.  Here I am posing.

Where did my hand go?

Great Uncle Allen first introduced me to riding the horse.  Now that I'm bigger, it takes a lot more energy for him to do it.

Enough pictures of Elliot, here's one of me back at home.  I'm 23 weeks old now too!

Like my lashes?  Mommy was able to get a close up of them.  They're not as long as Elliot's yet, but they're getting there.

 Uncle Mike was in town again.  He was visiting San Francisco as part of his job as a Blue Angel.  Like my hat?  Auntie Nat bought this for me.  It's like a Mickey Mouse hat but prettier.
 I HATE doing tummy time.  But at least Elliot keeps me company some times.  I was crying here, so he came down and was giving me a hug.  What a great big brother.

 As mentioned before, it was a slow week.  Maybe we'll have more pictures next time.  See you then!


  1. aahhhhhhh Julia you're getting such pretty long lashes! You and Joshua can match hats next time we go to Disneyland! You'll probably be able to enjoy it a little more than me but we will be hat buddies anyway.

    Elliot you are such a good older brother. Always help out your sister, never stop doing that! :) Love the fan picture.

    Hope to see you again soon

  2. Yes, a much needed slower week! Love Uncle Allen's pics of Elliot from the wedding, such great ones. Julia, it made me smile from ear to ear when Mommy texted me the picture with your looong lashes! You and E can both play Snuffilufigus.